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Quick update

  • dude , if you don`t want anyone being toxic becuase your drawing NSWF then but a mature contant filter on it , if you don`t then you'll be harassed anyway , good portion of the people on this site can't even be bothered to use approprate language , even though their like 11 or some crap. ( and mediabang might take your work down for not obeying the rules .) Anywho , i'mma gonna git outta here . I've got stuff of my own concern to worry about .

  • So, this account has been pretty dead for a bit sorry about that i have been going through a lot i dont want to mention. I Will still draw, even a bit of Nsfw here and there (NOTE: WHEN I MAKE NSFW CONTENT, AND IF YOU ARE NOT ABOVE THE AGE OF 18 PLEASE DO NOT LOOK AT IT.) so when i do make nsfw content please dont be toxic towards it. Thank you. I also have been trying to improve recently and thats about it


Illustrations has been published.

Trace im working on

  • c'mon... give her a chance :)

  • welp this was something

  • Don't trace. Tracing is bad.

  • I can assure you that they’ve put a lot of work into making that scene and your just tracing over it??