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  • > 빨튀김 red fried food 좋게 봐주시니 감사합니다^^?

  • ㅈ제가 이 갓작을 나쁜 학교때문에 보지 못했습니다. 머리 박겠슴다 선생님

  • > 플린 감사합니다^^

  • > 梅干し@バナナごんざえもん ありがとうございます😊


Illustrations has been published.

The boy

  • > 綾崎暁登 Thank you for your kind consideration.

  • This is a very colorful illustration. The character design looks like something from a slightly older anime. I love this character so much!😊


Illustrations has been published.

the man

  • > 綾崎暁登 Thank you ^^

  • > Yona youre welcome~ ^^

  • > Hayra96 Thank you.^^

  • whoaaa~ impressive detail, I also like your coloring! XD Keep your good work! ^^ wish you'll have a wonderful day~ XD