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Illustrations has been published.

w o w





Illustrations has been published.

  • yolo....Friend...

  • > Hue-Child lmao i'm not ded i took a long break and won't be very active :0

  • U ON?!?

  • T_T hi


Illustrations has been published.

  • Moon stone ?

  • I mean galaxi?

  • galaxy?

  • XD


Illustrations has been published.

new oc ref sheet (fixed)

  • recolor

  • looks like ufohouse’s oc loki tbh but thats not a bad thing

  • kk..maybe we could later today

  • > Fluff._.Qween i probably won't have school tomorrow, but if i don't i'll tell ya when i'm free uwu


Illustrations has been published.

my new oc's ref sheet

  • Here's some tips on animation (I'm an animator myself so, I'd thought I'd give you some tips!) For starters you'd simply want to create a few frames, a start point and an end point with sometimes a few in bewtween that mark the important motions the character is going to make! Next you go simply in between each pair of frames and draw a pose in between them so both frames lead to the next! I'm very excited to see how your animations turn out!)) Here's a link to my channel : Feel free to subscribe! ❤️❤️

  • u on

  • can y'all just stop saying it looks like darlinqq? this is not in ANY way related to darlinqq. i made an oc, and by coincidence it looks like her

  • u on fran?


Illustrations has been published.

new oc Kye


  • I am going to repost the OC. So you can see.

  • It is ok.

  • oof i'm not gonna be on a lot anymore frens! sowwy! D:


Illustrations has been published.

For Toyfoxy

  • oh zoom in to's face its funny

  • XD lol

  • > DemonWerewolf🐺 Ty fam! (that sounded better in my head xD)

  • nice 🐺


Illustrations has been published.

other new oc that needs a name

  • Rawr

  • > Fluff._.Qween I posted him :D (and he single ( ^ω^ ) )

  • kk I have a small story i could do with either one so i wait for the r thumbs up

  • > Fluff._.Qween Also i'm gonna post a new oc tomorrow, and he's straight as a line! :D ( this line to be exact: | )


Illustrations has been published.

my new oc Zacharie

  • lol XD

  • i just realized he kinda looks like connor murphy in a way

  • yep more demon XD

  • > Ugly Potato Ty! <3


Illustrations has been published.

my oc/wolfii/me

  • > Ugly Potato But i only have the bottoms pierced cause my parents probably won't let me get other piercings idk

  • > Ugly Potato I have my ears pierced, but rarely wear earrings

  • Do you have piercings irl?

  • > DemonWerewolf🐺 Ty!


Illustrations has been published.

my trash oc


  • what should I draw XD

  • > HintCoin Tysm!❤️

  • I'm on it! See ya when I'm finished!


Illustrations has been published.

Q&A (ask and i'll comment the answer)

  • *yay* its 2:30 am right now and I can't sleep XD

  • > TrashiiWolfii Coolio my dude

  • > Mary1987lifcrafter☆ Sure!

  • > DemonWerewolf🐺 I like Micheal and Jeremy from Be More Chill (idk the ship name) and Sock and Jonathon from Welcome to Hell :D


Illustrations has been published.

Collab with Toyfoxy :D

  • oh god i replied so late sorry 😂

  • > DemonWerewolf🐺 You click on the art, then hold on the picture and press "save image" or somethin like that

  • how do you copy the art then you can draw on it (why am I asking XD)

  • Vanilla?


Illustrations has been published.

left vs right (oh god)

  • I'm not good with my right hand drawing in a lefty!!!! XD🐺

  • lolololol :'D

  • > Toyfoxythedragon my left hand looks like a bird drew it 😂

  • oh gawd indeed XD lol


Illustrations has been published.

Toyfoxy - Request #1

  • That's cute pitcure

  • > Sailor Silver-quartz I should have your request done by the end of the week. Today's my last day of winter break and i start school tomorrow. I would appreciate it if you get your request to me as soon as possible! :D

  • > Sailor Silver-quartz Sorry, i'm not always active but yes, you can request! :D

  • Are you ignoring meh Baja San


Illustrations has been published.

requests anyone?

  • PLZ DRAW MEH. ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

  • me? XD I'm done with one of yur OCS -Jamie-

  • an owl human

  • mind*