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Open to negotiation no furrry request and nsfw

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  • Such a well defined Adam's Apple!! I'm jealous tho😅😅


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Blue Crystal Gem

  • > Teil si, gracias i hope that traslates correctly to thank you, even if it doesnt, thank u for the encouragement <33

  • tras todo gran artista habra una gran admiracion y tras todo gran dibujante apasionado habra un gran orgullo y sobre todo una creatividad incontrolable


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morning bath

  • > Meep Tortol Yep a good ol bath is amazing:3

  • > ゼロチューバー aw thank you! morning baths take my sleepiness away

  • Lovely!, morning baths are always my favorite thing to do oh, Love this art it's amazing my friend!


Illustrations has been published.

light man

  • > Harumi thank you so much <33

  • It's amazing!!!

  • Handsome !! 💚💙