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!! This account is not me !!
!! This account is not me !!
!! This account is not me !!

they’re a fake account stealing my art and doing art commission scams.

and please help me report this account :(

thank you so much

  • Oh, my God, it really scared me . Why is there such a person in the world .It's really infuriating .Please respect the original, thank you !!Support the author .

  • This is absolutely horrible. You might want to try getting on the app and proving you're the real artist to take their account down. You should threaten to sue too because they're stealing your art and scamming others.

  • my god why do they keep doing this???? besides being boring it is disrespectful and unethical ಠ_ಠ if I see someone doing this around here you can be sure that that person will hear a big scolding can you give me the link to that account? I want to report too >:(

  • Nooooooooo This is terrible! I can't believe people do this, it's really disrespectful