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For the last time, i don't steal art

Seriously, I've only been here for 5 days and I'm already getting tired of people saying I'm stealing art. FOR THE LAST TIME, EVERYTHING I POST, IT IS 100% MY OWN WORK. ALL OF IT.

If you want proof go to my twitter account. I post wip's there.
I even included links on the description. If you guys don't even see that and just want to mess with other people then I don't care anymore.
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  • Kibo 's art corner
    Aww, how saddening! A fellow artist being acused of stealing art when u clearly see that it's 100% yours!
    I hope you get this all fixed within our community!'
  • GINGAs
  • Nia - ニア
    You're getting accused of stealing art? geezus it only takes a tiny bit of time and effort to confirm that ur more than 100% legit..

    Don't stress urself any further with these ppl just keep posting xD
  • Aisoretto
    > tintflintdownywoodmint
    it won't be resolved i'm afraid. but it doesn't matter to me now. I know logic won't work on people with such low IQ
  • tintflintdownywoodmint
    I'm sorry you're being accused of something like this... I hope the issue becomes resolved. Also, lovely artwork! :)