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I really need to vent, but I can't draw anything or be on my phone too long...
I wanna cry...
I'll try to find some excuse to go to the bathroom or something... Jesus I can't do this shit anymore I wish I could just die already

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  • When are you gonna be out of school cause when you get home you can just let all of your emotions out. And don't die it's going to be okay. I know how hard your illness is but it should be fine if you find more hobbies and things to do that can put your mind off things. And be open with your options, don't think life is hopeless. I'm sorry I'm not much help.. cause I really don't understand completely how hard this is for you because I'm not experiencing it. But I do want you to know that others around you care, your family and your friends. I feel like you should also get some sort of help offline, like from your family so they can sort it out. But then again I don't know if we have the same opinion on telling adults and people things. I wish you well and I hope you take my advice. *virtual hugs* uwu

  • Do it at lunch? Unless luch has already passed then idk If theres anything i can do to help just say

Peri Parker Stuff (I need help)

I’m still trying to work on a suit design. maybe you peeps can recommend some stuff I can include?? Some stuff about Peri as context:
-She’s an art student at an art college
-her suit was made by her roommate, who is a clothing design and textile major
- She wears that baseball jacket every day, and she loves the color blue
-her powers include:
-all the normal Spider-Man stuff (sticking, spidey-sense, etc.)
-Frost webs (her webs are extremely cold and can freeze people)
-She can freeze stuff by touching it (She has a hard time controlling this power when She gets nervous)
-self duplicity (She can make up to 3 copies and of herself, not including original her)
So yeah, I tried to include some Frost/ice crystal patterns on her suit to go with her powers, but I need more ideas. I want to make her stand out from all the other spidersonas out there...

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  • she's so adorable I love the frost idea. Maybe add snowflakes?? Like on the legs and maybe add fluffy boots, fluff on the rim.. snow boots idk. Owo?


Here’s Pixel’s current design. Some things about her:
Name: Pixel
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi or Pan
Occupation: multiverse traveler
Powers/ Skills: teleportation, duplicating herself, can bring drawings to life, general magic
-She only has one horn, and it can be any color she wants it to be.
-She always wears heart shaped sunglasses, and like her horn, they can be any color. She’s never seen without a pair on.
-She’s got a halo made of floating crystals
-She can grow multicolored crystals out of her body if she so wishes
-always wears 3 hospital bracelets, 1 on her left arm, 2 on her right arm.
Btw, second pic is just alternate clothes.

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  • bro i thought those were pictures of real crystals that you edited in there at first, they’re really well drawn and shaded!

  • Don’t want to be annoying bUt could I mix and match - ish? For example take the long hair with the purple hoodie who says “fuck”?

  • Also thanks Peeps uwu

  • > tiredbloom Anything here is cool

Adoptables WIP

They’re all ota. I might keep the 3rd one. I’ll take reservations, but I’ll need a good offer. If I accept your offer for a reserve, you can also suggest a pallet, but I might not choose to go with the colors you pick if I think something else would look better. The Demian is for close friends only, and when he’s adopted, he must be used.

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  • > Neyuslie Posted it

  • > Neyuslie Posting em later today

  • > Pixel Planet oh yeah-- when will you finish yours? I'm basically done with the first custom qwq

  • > Neyuslie Kk

Spidersona WIP!

Name: Peri Parker
She’s an art student at an art college in the city. One day she was browsing through some old paints that were on sale in her favorite art shop, and she picked one up. The radioactive spider happened to be crawling around on that tube of paint at the time, and it got startled and bit her. Everyone knows the rest
I’m also working on a doc ock for her world. He’s going to be a student at a technology/ science focused college that has a rivalry with the art college that Peri goes to uwu. I’m thinking of naming him Owen Octavius or Otto Octavius, idk.

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  • super cool! I can’t draw spider peeps ;w;

  • super cute!


Please pick one:

So, I'm deciding which of my old fan characters I should revive and redesign first, and I need ur help.
1) Harry Potter fan character: Slytherin, 6th year, muggle born, good at transfiguration, charms, and potions, terrible at herbology and Defense against the dark arts. Mink patronus, studying to be an animagus.
2) Percy Jackson fan character: daughter of Hades, and granddaughter of Hephaestus (mom is a demigod), weapon is a big black broadsword that becomes a metal chain when it's not in use. (Made by her mom)
3) Doctor Who fan character: Timelord known as "The Traveler," 3rd regeneration, travels the universe having adventures. Knows of the Doctor, but has never seen or met him. TARDIS is stuck in the form of a cardboard box.
ALSO: smol comic idea:
The 3 sonas travel with the Traveler in her TARDIS, Getting up to schenanigans. The Timelord and the wizard are always beefing, cuz the Traveler is always trying to scientifically explain the magic that the witch does. Idk, I kinda want to make this happen.

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  • Percy Jackson! I have a Percy Jackson character too so it would be cool to see yours



  • I like the idea of them all going to the travellers tardis in an alleyway and just going, "where is it?"

Persona Sketch!!

I took u guys advice.
Name: Pixel
Age: 17
Pansexual, closed for ships.
Hospital bracelets cuz I always seem to end up in a hospital
Blue crystal horn and tail cuz I like it.
White hair cuz I like it
Heart shaped sunglasses cuz I collect them irl. (I have 7 pairs already, and my parents are trying to get me some heart shaped prescription glasses to wear every day, since I don’t wear my glasses and I need to)
The word fuck on my hoodie cuz it’s my favorite word uwu
And the boots I have irl and I wear them every day.
I’ll probably change a lot of stuff, but this is it so far.
I’ve decided that I’m using irl me for vents, and pixel for everything else.

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  • I’m looking at god

  • Cute!

  • :0 super cool!

  • UwU UwU

Yo, weird question but...

Does anyone know what the doctors do with organs after they're removed? Like, do they have a special trash can? Or do they keep them around or something? (Basically, I'm just wondering where my gallbladder ended up.)

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  • top 10 questions science still can't explain-jokimg joking but really now, i read somewhere they keep it frozen(if i remember correctly) until they are sure you're ok after the surgery and then dispose of it

  • No idea

  • Maybe it depends if your an organ donor or not

  • > Artsy Styles Mmmm crispy

Contest Results

Thanks to everyone who made an entry!
Frosty byte art, you get a reserved adopt for participating.
Malice, coffee, and tell me what u want for your dog customs (malice gets 3, coffee gets 2, and gets 1) using the format below, and which ocs u want for the headshot sketches (malice and coffee get 2, gets 1)
EXTRAS (horns, wings, etc. no clothes)-

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  • > CoffeeGhost Kk

  • Fred: Dawn:

  • ididnotexpecttowin First doggo: Colors: Teal, Indigo, Yellow Pattern: Splashes Collar color: Orangish Yellow Extra: Two tails Second doggo: Colors: Pastel green, orange Pattern: Stars Collar color: Dark green Extra: Tiny pair of wings Headshots: Fred(the adopt I got from Patchit) and Dawn (I'll get the links in a bit)

Update :P

so, i'm home now. i got a blood transfusion. i got to go in an ambulance cuz i got transferred from one hospital to another. i've been feeling a bit better now tho. Total needle count of 4. (2 IVs 2 blood draws.)
i'm just gonna have to color the oc trade i made for u traditionally. too much stuff going on, i don't have enough time to digitize it. (that is if u even still want to... i feel really bad about not getting it to you sooner, i'm sorry.)

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  • > Pixel Planet Its alright m8 👌👌 I just wanna see

  • > Neyuslie oof, sorry i already started coloring it hhhhhhhhhh idk if u don't like her when i post her i'll make you a new one

  • Its alright kiddo, but mind posting the sketch so I can see it?- im curious honestly-

  • > Pixel Planet 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻