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  • > Cg the artist Thank you! that's what I was going for.

  • Looks futuristic nice 👍


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gasp a design without hair

  • > Cg the artist I was going for a dragon person :> And ye exactly I dont draw many character designs without hair cus I'm not very confident in it so this is a big woo for me heh.

  • What species are they? Also who needs hair when they could have personality.


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tried out a new brush

  • > CoffeeGhost Thanks coffee!!!! It's been awhile hah.

  • The atmosphere with this piece, and it as well, it’s stunning. Great Job!


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  • > AriaBatih0415 Yay thanks! :D

  • I love the colors!


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  • > Dillythegreat Thank you so much! :D I was trying to get good colors with this I'm glad ya like it

  • Aw dude, this is sick. I absolutely love the color pallet. Looks awesome man!


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So ya Bish started highschool

  • > MOB Magic Thanks ;v;

  • Oof, I used to have an advanced ELA. Last year our teacher came to realize why advanced kids were so miserable... Good luck in the cool cids class


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Character doodle

  • > Zero Heh thanks! Its just a lot messier than my usual art so yee

  • how is dis a doodle.... its amezing :0

  • > Sky Thank you!! :D

  • This looks so good ^-^


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another digital painting

  • > Dillythegreat Wow thank you so much! I tend to have some of the most trouble making the eyes and making them actually like like they're a part the face so I'm glad it worked out! And I tried to make it work but also look like my cartoony style I'm glad it paid off. Thanks again :D

  • Absolutley love it. Especially the eyes, so expressive and detailed. The hair is very nice too. Very clean and presised, i love the way it flows too. 😊

  • > Zero Thanks heh

  • owo nice


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Attempt at digital painting

  • > Dillythegreat WOO Thank you!! I have some problems with it but I find it pretty fun to do once I get into the swing of things.

  • Hell yeah dude this looks awesome, keep It up! I've been trying digital painting myself and it's actually super fun.


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quick sketch

  • > x22Amy Thank you!

  • Beautiful 💜

  • > Dillythegreat Thank you so much!!!!!!!! :D

  • HELL YES, i love it!! I don't care if it's a quick sketch, it looks INCREDIBLE.


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  • > •Kleix• Thx! ^^

  • > Cg the artist Heh thank you!

  • * vomiting rainbows* this reaaallly cute! >^<

  • > Dillythegreat Thanks man!!! I'm really happy with it :D


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ay not dead just had finals

  • > CoffeeGhost On a scale of middle schooler to spooky scary skeleton I was a coffee deprived college student who's neighbor is throwing a party at 3am The last day though was easy bc I had like nothing to do so I was normal teenage deadness

  • How dead did you feel during finals

  • > Dillythegreat Aaaaaaaay

  • ayyyye


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An experiment

  • Thank you!

  • > Hope299GAMES I like the color palette that you used for the drawing

  • > Dillythegreat Thank you!!!! :D

  • looks as awesome always ☺


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Read the description if you want to

  • > Cg the artist Thank you :>

  • > CoffeeGhost Thanks? It just takes a lot of time and experimentation. You've improved, even a little improvement is good!

  • it looks adorable

  • You improved way more than I have


Illustrations has been published.

The monster under the bed

  • > CoffeeGhost Thanks! :D

  • Welcome back!

  • > Cg the artist Aw thanks!!! I'm glad to be back :D

  • * screams highpitched* I'M SO GLAD YOUR BACK!


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  • have a good break hope!

  • 1. Fuck medibang 2. Take as much time as you need

  • Enjoy your break

  • take as much time as ya need i will support ya no matter what ^-^


Illustrations has been published.


  • love it, bootiful, absolutely perfect


  • I love that song, and this dude fits it perfectly.