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nikkieviore's request ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

  • > YI2217 ok, thanks for being nice, tho!

  • > bucky.b.🐀 I do not do anything other than personal except for pixiv requests.

  • uh, is blocked for me but could u draw jeon jungkook??? it is ok if u say no! -w- 🥺

  • > bucky.b.🐀 yes! You can check it out here.


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  • This is absolutely stunning!

  • Wow! Beautiful!!!


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胡桃 SD

  • this is so cool that ummmmmm IM SO JEALUS why am i so bad at art ;.; ur so good at this :0

  • Thanks for the accept


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Elf and fairy

  • > bravesco11 No, I was inspired by the Legend of the Cryptids.

  • Is it inspired by Lineage 2?

  • I love elves and fairies! I hope this art makes it to level 7



Illustrations has been published.

八重 桜

  • > YI2217 I tried downloading clip studio on my surface but I didn't want too many apps going off and making changes to my device XD (MediBang Paint, Windows Security, Genshin Impact)

  • > Geek Gurl Anime This is Photoshop, Clip Studio.

  • Adorable! Love the colors and brushes you used. What software is this?