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🧁🍰🎂🍩🍫 初音ミク🎶🎵🎧🎸

  • > 黒や Your Welcome ! Also You're a huge fan of Miku ?! Same here ! Glad to know there's someone here that loved miku so much <3

  • > UNDERDOGS. Thank you Nita Chan ^^. As you see I'm really a die hard fan of Miku so I like always, everytime draw her once it becomes a practice you can draw it pretty much easily.And yes Thank you for your support it really helps me ^^

  • Miku ! You draw her so beautiful 😳 ! As always <3 ( don't forget that delicious looking foods too ✨✨✨ ) Also Omg I'm late for this Beautiful art (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`) How can I !