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Illustrations has been published.

Comment what i did wrong :(( thanks!

  • no problem, mate!😄

  • > laila_k_artist Thank you! ill do that!

  • > laila_k_artist Thankyou for advice!!

  • I only see 2 colors in your art, you are missing highlight color. I'm still improving myself... so please don't hesitate to call me out on my shortcomings too.


Illustrations has been published.

Im not good please tell me the wrong in comments

  • But for 15 that really good

  • Oh I’m only 12, but like -AlphaGen said perspective and canvas size helps but it’s just our opinions

  • Its not that bad, but if I have to give a tip it might be that when character is looking down or below the face mostly (and when I mean mostly probably it's a 100% of times) covers the neck I don't know how to explain it correctly. If you don't get it try looking yourself in the mirror or in your phone/tablet look down, you will see it will block the vision to your neck. And in my behalf sorry for English it have been a while since I used to type long responses.

  • thankyou im 15 years old and still practicing