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more oc doodles

  • I really like your lineart!!

  • it always amazes me how you create these works!

  • your art style is so cute


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Oc doodles

  • > DonutAddic no problem!

  • > Local Vibraphone Thank you so much!!! It makes sense!!

  • > DonutAddic I don't know if they still use this or not, but on one of their earlier artworks "Leek Girl" I asked the same thing, and they said they used the default pencil tool. I would wager a guess that they use the pencil tool on a lower opacity to achieve the effect they have on their outlines (I am assuming you mean the brush used for the outlines/sketch). Again, not sure if that's still what they use, but hopefully that helps a little ^^'

  • What brush?


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  • I'm sorry if I've already asked, but what brush/brushes do you use for outlining? As in, what's your outlining process? I love your lineart.

  • *when someone hurts your bestfriend*


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  • Awee he looks cute

  • 好看!!!

  • Love the subtle details in the work, it’s beautiful.


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  • nezuco???? i know this girl and boy!!! it's ani character!! Am i right??+!!!!

  • > Ivy Muffyn thank you ivy!

  • you're posting wowwww its really good


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  • I know this is super late, but your painting skills inspire me!

  • Do you want you follow each other? I like your drawing skills!

  • Awwww

  • This is so cute~~ I love it so much~ pls make more beautiful art to feast my eyes! lol


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  • your artstyle is very beautiful

  • The hair is Beautiful! And the tiny horns are soo cute. :)

  • well good for you


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leek girl

  • I love your gallery!! Your style is sooo precious!! And I especially the Miku fan art here! I am a big fan of your style!!

  • 表白大触

  • so cute!!!

  • ミクちゃん! ほんとに かわいい~


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backward ears

  • 好可爱天哪……!!!

  • Your art is sooo pretty!!!! 😍😍

  • big love!!! i love nia!!

  • NIA


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  • This is wonderful!

  • damn, this is beautiful

  • > Qfd,jqsuc,qcvuk. Oh, I don’t mind! Thank you for asking!

  • hello, I used her outfit for insporation would you care if i did?