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  • One of the most beautiful and detailed art styles I've seen in my life. Reminds me of Berserk and Vagabond. Would love to see a whole One Shot of this, but as a fellow mangaka I know how much it takes... ESPECIALLY with such magnificent artwork. Take as much time as you need.

  • I’m feeling less and less confident about my entry the more I look at others lul


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Assigned Name 1 SIRIUS CONTEST

  • I’ve been following your work on insta but didn’t imagine I would see you here nominated damn,feel like a proud mom lol. Nice job

  • > Elora Blu Um, I believe the story is for a contest, so that means the story is just from the editor/author in kondansha department. But I agree that the art looks good

  • interesting story, I laughed in some parts but I think it's great that guy is confessing his love like a man. The art is also great as shounen! I hope to read more of your work. :)


Comics has been published.


  • Question how are you not published in jump yet? Am new and i aspire to become a manga writter not artist

  • I like the style of the picture, that's great!

  • This was a really good comic. The art style, originality, and story were all really good. I especially like all of the individual quirks and personalities apparent in all of the characters. The one thing that I would suggest to improve the comic as a whole is to make the story more well balanced. Try not to rush in new plot twists too quickly. Other that that I really liked this comic and am looking forward to all of your new releases!

  • It's really good. But I think he should reduce his speech. You have to add more black color. But I really loved your art