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  • i know i'm late but its great to have you back :D

  • > °•【flower】•° What's on the menu 😩

  • > BushBabyOrigins All legs no dary

  • Legs,

It’s too bright out here lmfao

Also I find it funny to take pics like Facebook grandmas do so that’s where the second one came from

  • > °•【flower】•° Aww awsone :DD I've missed you so much! ^^ And I hope your recovery goes well, i really do :00 (Also, your birthday is a month and a day after mine ^^)

  • > °•【flower】•° I’m Andre now XD

  • > Łøńg-łęg-łüž || G H Ø Š T : 3 Hi madre (Thought I’d let you know that what I typed autocorrected to “Hi Andre”)

  • Howdy there ! :O


I'll be nearly inactive for awhile. I don't know when I'll be back.
My school has blocked this website permanently.
I am literally typing this painstakingly from my PlayStation's web browser.
I just want you to know that I did not die.

  • alright take care and be safe

  • Aww :( I'm sorry! I hope you find a way to be active soon tho.

  • Welp cya on the flipside We’ll always be here if you find an alternative!

  • Gonna miss you fr. Wish i wasn't so busy so i could speak to you more 🥺 you're such an awesome person. Hope you come back here soon enough

another day

another instance of coming home crying because someone called you ugly
being told over and over how disgusting you are to look at isn't a good thing for your mental health

  • > Wolfgirl thank you

  • U know what, I think he jealous. Because your different and beautiful. But, If I was at ur school, even if I didn't know u, he would be dropped to the ground. Hehe, sorry for the violence 😅 I just despise people like that. Anyway, I hope ur day gets better and if no one told u, ur beautiful inside and out :3

  • > Soccs 𓆏 | (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ | 🌈✨ im used to it by now but thanks for the support

  • > °•【flower】•° *mom hugs* ;w;

so um

i'm in academic honors now
so i might not be as active next year when i have to take extra classes on top of the normal 7
i'll be very busy, and i'll be taking AP classes and taking the SAT till I get top scores on it

  • > Cam| She’s a Jinx 💙 thank you i must study now for a test i have in 5 minutes

  • > ↤˜”*°•【flower】•°*”˜↦ Do whatever you think is easier on yourself I just wish you luck with moving

  • > Cam| She’s a Jinx 💙 thank you i might just ask to do the core 40 diploma, that'd be easier because i'll have to move again soon and things will be much more difficult in academic honors

  • > ↤˜”*°•【flower】•°*”˜↦ You’ll be fine! Besides we’re all here supporting you, and ready to help whenever we can

hi yes hello here's a baby

  • :D

  • > Soccs 𓆏 | (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ | :) forehead might be too big

  • > Soccs 𓆏 | (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ | :) general

  • > ↤˜”*°•【flower】•°*”˜↦ General head area or is it a specific like it's face or somethin