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Icon Chibi Commission for only $2

If you're interested, please PM me!

Here are the information:
1. I accept Via Paypal only, please also pay for the paypal fee!
2. Do give a clear reference of the character you want me to draw, also state their names!
3. You can pay once I'm done with the line art or if you want to skip the queue, you can pay first!
4. I only allow a total revisions of 3 times (And that is only if you have paid)
5. Once done with payments, I'll send the file over through your emails.
6. Of course, you'll be given the result without my watermark!
7. I don't mind at how many icons you want me to draw, there is no limit~
8. Work can be done in one day, the longest being 3 days (If you have paid)

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