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Alice and Chiya :3

  • hey koolaid i drew mah bendy oc

  • > Lumelia & Roxi Thank you two! 😊

  • srry rendy i am like that i really don't care about comment exept when i am bored or when i want but for me everyone exist c:

  • OHH-H okay thank you! and you're welcome! > Rendy hey buddy don't be sad! I never ignore you! maybe she just didn't see your comment or didn't have time be ok pls, you're amazing :]


Illustrations has been published.

Malice Angel doodle

  • > Lumelia Awwww thank you so much! OwO I like calling her Malice Angel for short er Susie Angel since its literally Susie who wants to be Alice XDDDDDD

  • i drew my bendy oc

  • Doodle Noodle! btw Alice is SO CUTE :O or ...Susie? whatever she is BEAUTIFUL UWU

  • > Roxi A doodle is just a quick drawing or sketch :3


Illustrations has been published.

Art Request: Lumelia

  • > Roxi Awwww tysm!!!!! :DDDD And dont worry Im working on the group drawing :3

  • :'D ❤

  • woah ! is really not cute is GeOrGoUs

  • Of course! anything for a friend! :333333