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  • looks good

  • > BlueQuill Sadly, no for personal reasons

  • yeahh 👏👏

  • yes


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Gift 4 Locket The Skeleton

  • > Locket The Skeleton >:3

  • > 🐉AnnieDragon🐉 Well, I make the shape then the pupil. I Shade half the eye in my lineart. Then, I color the other half in my color layer. I make a new layer and I airbrush a yellow dot under the pupil, and add lines throughout the eye. I hope that’s not to confusing


  • the eyes are really pretty. how do you do them so we'll?!


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A test-

  • > It's Gonna Be May (again) Awww thanx

  • This is so cool!


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F2U Doggo/Woof Base (First Comment)

  • >HollowSpots Yep! And I’d love to see what you make out of it!!

  • can I use this for an adopt on amino? I'll follow every single rule and I'll give you the link too~

  • > divine Yey nwn

  • i might use it uwu


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Please QwQ

  • I am here to ask who won what adopts in your (adopt ( repost )) just asking have a good day :)

  • you don't owe me art per say, but you do need to fill out that custom form on theholiday adopts and, um, when are you going to post the ota eggies?

  • I ...can't see what you write there xD

  • > BlueQuill Kk


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*Wheeze* Hhhhh I’m dying

  • > EzraEklesia Meh Not really

  • > ₩.ř.ą.p.p.ę.đ×P.ĕ.ā.ç.h WoW WeLl I hAtE TiK ToCk

  • you have potential

  • wow! this is like one of those tiktok challenges


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I hate using my finger

  • I use a stylus cause I draw on mey phone

  • You can get a simple functional one on Amazon for like $5

  • I use a stylus uwu

  • i dont even use a stylus but im getting one soon i hope


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Yep, just tell me if you want to!

  • > 𝓈𝒸𝒽𝓊𝒷𝒶𝓃𝑔𝑒 We could do floral or fire kind of theme It’s whatever you want

  • Okay , so you have an idea for your design ??

  • ok, i think i got it

  • > AshWasOofed We just each make a design for each other Then post it We trade designs


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I should be better at art, I’m 11 4 goodness sake

  • I'm 13, and bro same sksksks but you're art is good!

  • coloring sheets look good though

  • I'm 10...if it makes you feel better I feel the same way too, to be honest.

  • > 😻OcelotLover114😻 No I’m not Literally everybody who knows me in person makes fun of it The kids today said my art was a heccin coloring sheet


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Holiday Cat Adopts! (First Comment/Desc)

  • > 💕OneHappyTallCracker💕 Yeah I’ll take that—

  • They are my new world

  • > It's Gonna Be May (again) Btw the customs rock this universe

  • > It's Gonna Be May (again) Meh meh I don’t really care Just make sure it’s not somebody else’s character that I drew If it appears more than once on my page, draw it