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The illustration / manga posting site "MediBang!" Has become "ART street" !!

Help i can't post

I can't post, whenever i try to post some thing a message pops up saying stuff about "temporary registration status". I'm currently freaking out because you know I. CANT. POST.

If you know how to fix this please tell me!

  • tHaTs tHe sAmE tHinG thAt hApPeNeD tO mE,,, hEcCinG mEdibAng

  • > (bye im making a new account) bruh

  • L m f a o, how the frick do i do that because me nub

  • register ur email address lmfao


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Request + Wip.

  • I am LATE, but can you draw Vira please?

  • I think I'm late but I'll leave this and if you don't wanna do it it's ok- my bby Leo? he's on my profile, but I can send a link if needed

  • Can you draw Neil? O really wanna see what he looks like when other people draw him!

  • and for the full body of them just look at my "Q&A" post


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im bored

  • ye sure partner

  • If that's okay with you? :3

  • UwU Same here, potato! I'll join this callob!


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  • w h a -

  • I'm concerned


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  • woah, this looks cool!

  • you are rly improving uwu

  • uhhhh ok..

  • That’s the hand of a man Bv ok no xddd


Illustrations has been published.

Zandrews Fan art!

  • OMg Im so happy I never wouldve expected that someone wouldve made fan art for me ^ww^

  • woah- beautiful!

  • improvementtttt