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Result - Hikariko character contest | Contest - MediBang!

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First Place¥100,000

Lit/Pulse 脉冲


Kinako's comment

Cool! This design has a ton of black and blue triangles and I really like it. The collar that hides the area up to the character's mouth really matches his hair style.
It’s cute that the character is physically strong, but weak against mind games.

Second Place¥50,000 (2 winners)

  • Kinako's comment

    The use of painting as a theme is cute. I like the combination of the hat, glasses, and skin that's showing. The character's ability is interesting.

  • Creator
    Tow Tateoka

    Kinako's comment

    I like the slightly scary nurse design. I thought the use of color was really cute when I first saw it. The huge syringe is cute too.

Third Place¥20,000 (3 winners)

  • Kinako's comment

    The design of the clothes and equipment are super adorable. I like the facial expressions on the sides of character's waist. The hand stretching out behind her back is cool too.

  • Kinako's comment

    The triangle-shaped hood is cool! I like the combination of red, black, and blue together. Her wild appearance and long hair is awesome.

  • Creator YunScribbles
    Title ROXI

    Kinako's comment

    The combination of the forehead, jagged teeth, and horns looks great. The facial expression is charming too. The shape of shoes are strange, but I like them.
    The weapons seem powerful and I think they're cool.

Other Winners (5 winners)

From Kinako

This is my first time as a judge for a character design contest. The works were really impressive and very interesting!
There was an incredible number of cool, cute, stylish, and original characters and it was really hard to decide which works should be chosen so I picked them based on my personal taste.

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