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Notice of Apology Regarding a Problem with the Contest End Time and Extension of the Contest End Time

Today, on June 11th 2018, a problem occurred with the Hikariko Character Design Contest where the contest end time finished one hour prior to the scheduled time of 3:00 p.m. (JST).

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to those who planned to enter the contest.

Therefore, we will extend the contest end time until 9:00 p.m. (JST) today.
For those who planned to submit their entry, please try and submit your entry once again.

To Those Who Don’t Know Anything About the Universe
Hikariko Character Design Contest

First contest!

Your character design could become a manga or anime character!
A contest collaboration between MediBang and COSPACE!

MediBang will host the contest on their website in Japanese and English while COSPACE will co-host the contest on their website in Chinese.
We are holding this contest to gather new character designs.

The winning designs will be included in an official World-view Set Collection!
And on top of that, the designs may appear in a new manga or anime project that's in the works!

We want to see character design ideas that you’ve put your heart and soul into! Submit as much as you like!


COSPACE (share space) mainly supports creators in China, but it also supports those around the world in order to enhance their creative skills. COSPACE wants more people to know about its platform as it provides a space for creators to display their work and various opportunities for development.

Furthermore, creators also share their own creative process on the website which promotes communication and the improvement of creative skills. COSPACE thinks that this does not just support the promotion of communication between excellent creators within China, but that the loop also extends to other creators throughout the world. COSPACE wants to create a bridge so that people can share their thoughts about creation, art, and information with one another.

Click here to check out the COSPACE website (in Chinese)

To Those Who Don’t Know Anything About the Universe


In our vast and unknown universe, there are pure energy life forms called "Trainers".
Their species has existed for a very long time and they have become immortal with their extremely vast amount of knowledge.
The Trainer's civilization is highly developed and it is their mission to continue their existence in space.
However, the energy necessary to continue existing in space is being lost. In order to compensate for the lost energy, Trainers take their robot “Hikariko” and go all over the universe. They transform feelings that are produced by intelligent life, such as happiness, love, bravery, and pride into energy. Trainers gather large amounts of it on the planet that they are on to continue replenishing the energy so that the universe does not disappear.
But, the process of consuming energy means that sometimes they may be forced to battle with mighty enemies on their very dangerous journey.
For that reason, Trainers, who have a duty to leave their planet and gather energy, travel with a Hikariko.
Trainer’s can infuse part of their own energy into Hikariko’s core so that Hikariko forms a body. The Trainer can also connect the body to 4D space to give Hikariko weapons and all sorts of items.

Character Design Samples

Basic Details

All Trainers have Hikariko’s "core" and they can create their very own "Hikariko" by infusing part of their own energy into the core. “Hikariko” is a shield that they can use to protect themselves and it's also a weapon that can be used to fight enemies. Furthermore, Trainers can also connect the body to 4D space so that it will spit out weapons and all sorts of items that they can make Hikariko use.

  • Azra

    The silent and solitary envoy. A lone warrior.

    Name: Azra / Sex: Female / Age: 16

    Personality: Azra is silent, expressionless, and innocent. She hates being in a group, likes being alone, and dislikes flashy things. She is extremely guarded and only believes in her own power.
    Way of Speaking: Doesn't have one. She's not very good at talking and so she doesn't say much.
    Ability(s): The large sword that Azra has can cut anything in the universe. It convinces everything that touches it, that it can indeed “cut everything”. The attack range of the large sword is only the area within its reach; however, in theory there is nothing that can oppose it.
    Hobby(s): Adoring cats.
    Weakness(es): Cats. She can't stand it when cats get hurt. Hot things.
    Character's Trainer: Bastet(A female goddess that appears in Egyptian mythology.)
    Trainer's Comment: Azra is like a critical old man. She will use any means neccessary in order to achieve a goal.
  • Ruby

    A sexy, rebel warrior with a lot of pride.

    Name: Ruby / Sex: Female / Age: 18

    Personality: Ruby has a lot of pride and a sharp tongue. Bitch. Tsundere (hot and cold). She enjoys her time with men in order to release the stress that builds up from battle. She clearly differentiates between someone that she enjoys her time with and her favorite companion. She appears to be wild, but in reality she has a fairly pure-hearted side.
    Way of Speaking: She speaks confidently and says everything in a straightforward manner. She talks tough towards the person that she likes.
    Ability(s): Ruby uses her lance as a medium to hold "thermal energy" and use it at the "speed of light". Thermal energy is stored inside the lance and it can strike a blow at the speed of light. The longer that the thermal energy is stored in the lance, the faster the speed of the strike will become.
    Hobby(s): Drinking alcohol with Blavi. Car Racing.
    Weakness(es): Kind men. She decides what the standard for kindness is on her own.
    Character's Trainer: Viracocha (A god that appears in Inca mythology.)
    Trainer's Comment: I have faith in Ruby's strength, but I can't understand why she likes alcohol, car racing, or kind men.
  • Blavi

    A carefree, feisty warrior that follows through when she says she'll do something.

    Name: Blavi / Sex: Female / Age: 18

    Personality: Blavi is vivacious and straightforward, but she also has a short-tempered and rough side. She can't always read the situation, but she fights for those that she considers friends and other people as well. She follows through with what she says she will do.
    Way of Speaking: She has a habit of talking like a guy and uses "ore" (a male term that is used to refer to oneself).
    Ability(s): Energy storage. If Blavi's gloves take a hit then a mark appears in the place where they were struck. When they take a second hit, they deliver a blow twice as strong as the first hit. When they take a third hit, they produce a blast twice as strong as the second hit. (The gloves can accumulate energy endlessly.). However, the mark where the gloves were struck will disappear after a certain amount of time (the marks only appear after the first blow) so even if they strike before the mark disappears, the length of time that the mark appears will not be extended.
    Hobby(s): Martial arts and drinking alcohol with Ruby.
    Weakness(es): She is an insatiable foodie and has a weakness for alcohol. She has no motivation if she doesn't have those two things.
    Character's Trainer: Valkyrie (A number of demigods that appear in Norse mythology.)
    Trainer's Comment: I think of Blavi like a younger sister. I do my best to provide a lot of care for Blavi.
  • Aoui

    A cool female knight that has a lot of pride. She values discipline and faith.

    Name: Aoui / Sex: Female / Age: 18

    Personality: Aoui is strict with herself, earnest, and nervous. She is completely obedient and has a sense of loyalty towards her Trainer. Yandere (sick with love).
    Way of Speaking: She talks like a soldier and the things she says are sharp and blunt. She often quotes her Trainer.
    Ability(s): She uses multiple flying swords as a medium to manipulate particles. In theory, Aoui can manipulate the movement of particles with "Absolute Zero". She is learning a skill that can freeze time in order to achieve an even closer relationship with her Trainer.
    Hobby(s): Protecting her Trainer and following its orders. She records everything about her Trainer in a notebook.
    Weakness(es): Being separated from her Trainer. She becomes uneasy when she doesn't receive orders from her Trainer.
    Character's Trainer: Susanō (A Japanese god)
    Trainer's Comment: She doesn't understand that all living beings with intelligence are "beautiful". Her jealousy is very strong.
  • Oranze

    An necromancer that controls the rules and plays around the rights of others.

    Name: Oranze / Sex: Female / Age: 28

    Personality: Oranze is cold-blooded, brutal, strong-willed, and decisive. She has a high position as a Hikariko, and has love towards all other Hikariko as she is a first-generation Hikariko.
    Way of Speaking: She speaks in an arrogant manner.
    Ability(s): She uses a large hammer as a medium and everything that touches the hammer is forced from the "present" and moved to its "end point", which is "death" for living beings and "decay" for non-living things. Oranze uses her own life energy as the price to be paid to return things from the “end point” and can also reverse the process.
    Hobby(s): Torture.
    Weakness(es): None.
    Character's Trainer: Jarylo (A Slavic god)
    Trainer's Comment: I have faith in Oranze so I hardly ever interfere. I want her to stop using Trainers as a storage or moving tool...

Important Rule #1!

  • ° Please draw the full bodies of both Hikariko and the Trainer in one illustration.
  • ° Illustrations that are drawn without omitting detail as much as possible are preferrable.
  • ° The choice to add a background or not is up to you.
  • ° Please compose the main colors of Hikariko's outfit like in the sample with black, pale grey, and blue. (Blue parts are where the energy is saved.) ※1
  • ° The color of the mantle, scarf, and so forth's lining material should be that character's individual theme color. (There is no set theme color, but the recommendation is to go with one from the primary color group.) ※2
  • ° The hair color can be the character's individual theme color mixed with light grey, or just their theme color. ※2
  • ° The image of Hikariko's outfit is as though the material is made of rubber or leather. ※3
  • ° The image of the Trainer's texture is like that of a transparent gem and parts that have the theme color emit light. ※4
  • ° There is no set sex for Hikariko or the Trainer. (The recommendation is female.)
  • ° The Trainer should be roughly the same size as Hikariko's head. ※4
  • ° The image of a Trainer is the combination of a living thing and a mineral put together. The main colors are grey and the theme color. (It's possible to combine the theme color with a color close to it.) ※4
  • ° The weapon should be done in the theme color. It's possible to combine the theme color with a color close to it. The shape of the weapon is up to you. ※5

Important Rule #2!

Please make sure to enter the character’s details in the submission form’s Desc section in the following format:
(*Please take a look at the Character Design Samples above.)

(Required items are listed below)
Way of Speaking:

(Optional items are listed below. You can add them to the Required items.)
Character's Trainer:
Trainer's Comment:

Introducing our special judge!


An illustrator that works on a great number of things such as the creation of character designs and illustrations in popular content.

Illustration 2017/Cover Illustration
Touken Ranbu (Game) Character Design (Iwatōshi, Tomoegata Naginata, and Shizukagata Naginata)
Gatchaman Crowds (Anime) Original Character Design
Bishōnen Series by Nishio Ishin (Novel) Character Design, Cover Design, Illustration, etc.

Twitter: @kamabokoita

Enter in 3 easy step

  • 1Draw a illustration

  • 2Check the box next to the banner


  • 3Submit to ART street


Submission Details

Entry Period
April 27th 2018 at 3:00 p.m. - June 11th 2018 at 3:00 p.m. (JST)
Entry Format
Illustration Submissions
° Must be in JPG or PNG (Max File Size: 30MB)
° The character’s details must be written in the Desc (Description) section. (Please see How to Enter for the format.)
How to Enter
1. Register as a user on MediBang.
2. Click Creators submit here at the top of the MediBang website.
3. Click Submit on the MediBang Creators page.
4. Select the Illustration tab and then upload your file as a JPG or PNG.
5. Enter the Title (Character's Name), the Desc (required), and add the 1stHikarikoContest tag.

Please make sure to enter the character’s details in the submission form’s Desc section in the following format:

(Required items are listed below)
Way of Speaking:

(Optional items are listed below. You can add them to the Required items.)
Character's Trainer:
Trainer's Comment:

6. Click Submit & Publish.
How to Claim the Prize
The prize money will be sent to the entrant's MediBang account using their PayPal, or wired to their bank account (the winner will accept the responsibility of any associated wiring fees).
Entry Requirements
None. Anyone can enter the contest, regardless of whether they are a pro or just draw as a hobby.

Entrants may enter as a team.

Only primary works that entrants own all the rights to distribute for free and unpublished works may be entered.
Plagiarism, or any double (duplicate) works which have been submitted to another contest outside MediBang, will not be accepted.
° First Place: ¥100,000
° Second Place: ¥50,000 (2 winners)
° Third Place: ¥20,000 (3 winners)
° Other Winners: will receive priority for a business collaboration opportunity (5 winners)
* There is no guarantee as to the number of prize-winning works for each prize.
It is possible that there may not be a prize-winning work, or that there may be more prize-winning works than originally planned after the judging has been completed.
Entries not in Japanese
The character's details for submitted works will be translated into Japanese for the judging process.
By entering in this contest, you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions detailed in the Contest Rules, so please read them thoroughly before you enter.

Please register and enter the contest!