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2nd MCPO AWARD Manga Section Results | Contest - MediBang!

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Grand Prize(¥300,000 + Worldwide Publication)



Winner's Comment

※Award Ceremony Comment
I’ve loved drawing since I was a kid and often did small illustrations and sketches in notebooks. I still don’t have much experience creating works and feel new to it so...I’m very surprised to receive the Grand Prize. But, this has given me confidence. I want to use this confidence to create more works.

Excellence Award(¥200,000)

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    Winner's Comment

    ※Award Ceremony Comment
    I think that I was able to express the look of the world that I wanted to by drawing with a ballpoint pen. However, I was surprised at the comment “You drew with force” that was made at the public judging and I thought, “How did you know?”. I feel really motivated because of that comment. Thank you very much.

  • Distinction Award(¥100,000)

    • Author Sideburn004
      Title The Storm

      Winner's Comment

      The theme " What does it mean to be a human?" is one of my favorite, so I took it for this one shot. Sure I try to do all my best and make my better story every time. But always it is so unexpected and wonderful to know my story can reach someone's heart! Thank you so much! When I look at my work some time later, it seems that I could do something better, make scenes even more vivid. But I'm so happy to get this chance and to be nominated in this Contest, it's great that my work can be accepted in Japan, the homeland of the manga. Thank you for the honor!

    GANMA!Prize(Published on Comic GANMA!)

    • Author Jaipetch

      Winner's Comment

      First of all I was surprised, and also really glad. Because "Goldfish" was inspired from my life. There are many times in the past that I asked myself "What am I doing? Do I really supposed to keep writing manga?" But when I was creating this piece, I really enjoyed it. There is something I want to tell others, so I can't just stop right now! This nomination really encourages me to continue writing manga and improving myself. I really feel grateful for this opportunity. And I would like to thank you MCPO and everyone involved in this project for this wonderful experience.

    Eisaku Kubonо̄chi Prize(Signed Book/Ebook)

    • Author 푸석요고

      Winner's Comment

      I was worried about what to do if they thought that it was incomplete because it’s black and white and has no dialogue, but I’m glad that they really looked at my work.