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HUION x ART street

We are pleased to announce that we have launched an illustration competition in association with HUION,
a company that produces LCD tablets and pen tablets!

HUION is sponsoring 9 LCD/pen tablets for this contest, And 6 participants will be picked at random to receive one.

This is your chance to win an LCD/pen tablet that will make your new term/year a lot more fun! Don't miss your chance to enter!

We are excited to see your piece of art.
Can't wait for your illustration entry!


Huion Brand was established in 2011. As a national high-tech enterprise with numerous patents and independent R&D capabilities, Huion designs, manufactures and markets pen tablets, pen displays, LED light pads and many other interactive handwriting input devices of Kamvas and Inspiroy series. Apart from digital devices, Huion also provides individualized OEM and ODM solutions. Agents of the company locate in various parts of the world, including America, Europe, Australia and most Asian countries.

The theme is “Festival”

For example, We are looking for "Festival" illustrations such as;

Festival of
your country

Festival you
want to go to

Festival in
your imagination

...anything is fine as long as it has a "festival" vibe!


Gold Prize  (2 winners max)

Pen Display Kamvas Pro16(2.5K)
(Approximate price: 70,000 JPY)

Silver Prize  (3 winners max)

Pen Display Kamvas 13
(Approximate price: 35,000 JPY)

Bronze Prize  (4 winners max)

Pen Tablet Inspiroy Dial 2
(Approximate price: 20,000 JPY)

Participants' giveaway lottery

From participants who submit illustrations 6 winners will be chosen
Pen Tablet Inspiroy 2 M

(Approximate price: 10,000 JPY)

Enter in 3 easy step

  • 1Draw a illustration

  • 2Check the box next to the banner


  • 3Submit to ART street


Submission Details

Entry Period
August 14, 2023 (Mon) - October 2, 2023 (Mon) 5PM(JST) * Japan time
Entry Format
・JPG, PNG, PSD, MDP(File size: Under 30MB)
・No designated size, but the DPI must be at least 300
・Illustration submissions need to be on the theme of “Festival”.
・Anyone can enter the contest, regardless of whether they are a pro or just draw as a hobby.
・Entrants may enter as a team.
・No limit to the number of times a person can apply. Entrants are welcome to submit multiple works.
・Only primary works that entrants own all the rights to distribute for free and unpublished works may be entered.
・You may enter an artwork you have posted on a social media in the past. You can also post your artwork on social media during the entry period.
You can submit any artwork that is drawn by any paint tool in analog and digital.
Please Note
・Illustrations drawn by artificial intelligence are not eligible for this contest.
・In some cases, we may provide the winner's personal information (Name, Address, Phone Number) to a third party with the purpose of delivering the prize.Please keep this in your mind.
・Entries that are sexual, or might result in causing harm to other people are not accepted. Any entries breaking this rule will be blocked or account suspended.
・Depictions that infringe upon the rights (image rights, copyrights, etc.) of a third party are prohibited.
・ Submissions that have ever awarded in other contests except ART street cannot be entered.
・ Secondary creation work is not possible.
・Plagiarism, or any double (duplicate) works which have been submitted to another contest outside ART street, will not be accepted.
・ No plagiarism or double (duplicate) submissions to contests other than ART street
・Entries which involve sexual expression or brutal violence shall not be qualified to enter the contest.
・If the ART street managing team identifies an illustration inappropriate for the contest, the contest tag or the illustration itself might get deleted.
・Please keep the original data during the period from the start of the contest application period until the result announcement.
・Regardless of whether the work wins the award or not, all works submitted to the competition may be posted on websites, social networking sites, etc. managed by HUION or MediBang, Inc. for the purpose of promoting the competition, advertising, announcing the results, etc. without compensation. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
・After the entry period has ended, you may receive a notification from to the email address registered in your MediBang account. If you do not reply within the reply deadline, your work may be excluded. Check your email and email settings. You can check your registered email address here.
*This does not mean everyone will receive an email from after the entry period.
*We cannot answer questions by or answer any phone calls. Contact
How to Enter
【Try to enter the contest from from this page】
1.Register or log-in ART street.
2.Click "enter" at the bottom of this page.
3.When you see the banner for this contest, click "Enter".
4.Choose your artwork, upload it and press "Submit & Publish"

【Try to use artwork been already submitted to ART street】
1.Select "illustrations" from "Your submissions"
2.Choose the submission and press "Details"
3.Press "Edit"
4.Add "HUION Illustration Contest" banner from "Apply for a Contest"
5.After checking pop-up caution, press "Enter" and click "Save & Publish"

【Enter the contest from MediBang Paint】
1. Select "Enter the contest" under "Submit Work".
2. Search for this contest, "HUION Illustration Contest" and click "ENTER".
3. Select the illustration you want to enter, and click "ENTER".

1. Select "Contest" under "Submit Work".
2. Search for this contest, "HUION Illustration Contest" and click "Enter".
3. Select the illustration you want to enter, and click "Enter Contest".

1. Select "Contest" under "OTHER".
2. Search for this contest, "HUION Illustration Contest" and click "Enter".
3. Select the illustration you want to enter, and click "Enter Contest".

▼Mac or Windows
1. Select "Apply for the Contest" under "Submit Work".
2. Search for this contest, "HUION Illustration Contest" and click "Apply".
3. Select the illustration you want to enter, and click "Apply".
Gold Prize(2 winners max) :Pen Display Kamvas Pro16(2.5K)
Silver Prize(3 winners max) :Pen Display Kamvas 13
Bronze Prize(4 winners max):Pen Tablet Inspiroy Dial 2
※ It is possible to have no winners.

Lottery prize(6 winners max):Pen Tablet Inspiroy 2 M
*All participants in this contest are eligible for the prize draw.
About shipping the prizes
Winners will be sent an email from info-contests@medibang.comto the email address currently registered in their MediBang account and asked for the information necessary to ship the prizes.
The shipping of the prize will be handled by HUION.
Therefore, personal information received by MediBang Inc. will be transferred to HUION.
Personal information will be destroyed shortly after the shipment is completed.
Please note that we may not be able to offer the prize if we do not receive a response by the deadline specified in the email we send.
・Completion of the entry for this contest will be understood as acceptance of our entry terms. Therefore, please be sure to read the whole text.
・Please note that you can not edit/delete your submissions except for adding tags after the entry period.
・Detailed conditions on submitting illustrations on ART street are stated in thesubmission guideline Please submit your illustration after reading it carefully.


This will redirect you to the submission page.

You will not be able to edit your work after the contest entry period has ended.

Turn the contest deadline notification ON to receive a reminder of an upcoming deadline!

Contest deadline notification


Please register and enter the contest!