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MediBang Paint Tutorial Contest Nomination Announcement | Contest - ART street by MediBang

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Thank you for your submission.

Out of the 188 works submitted, 16 works have been selected!

The 16 selected works will be divided into 4 groups, and the winners will be decided by a tournament-style popularity vote. The winners will be announced on this page after the final votes are counted.

    Voting Schedule for Each Group

  • Quarter-finals: 8 days from December 2, 2019 (Mon) to December 9, 2019 (Mon)until 17:00 * Japan time (simultaneous progress for each group)
  • Semi-finals: 8 days from December 16, 2019 (Mon) to 2019/12/23 (Mon) until 17:00 * Japan time (simultaneous progress for each group)
  • Finals: 12 days from December 26, 2019 (Thu) to Janurary 6, 2020 (Mon) until 17:00 * Japan time

You can vote every day during the voting period. Furthermore, if you share the voting page on SNS, you will receive one additional voting ticket! Prizes will be given to the top 5 voters who have the most votes on the winning work! Vote for useful (your favorite) works and the most recommended will win!