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ideas for oneshot??

Aside from the first 30 pages I've done for my series... I feel like I should experience working with different themes. The reason being I ran out of manuscript papers (yeah I'm still living in the ancient era, though I do all the toning with MangaStudio and Medibang) and I have about 10-ish small sheets which would be nice to draw some short stories with them.
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  • kuro.mono
    > NekOTAKUBox
    haha I'm not ending it, it's far from the end actually.
    I just wanna experience more with other genre like maybe ecchi, horror or romance... something within 10-20 pages.
  • NekOTAKUBox
    What about a BL type of stories with Kabuki actors?

    P.S. I feel like it's too soon to end your series.