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[100 hour limit] 2020 event - Draw the gift you want.  Tell us how much you want it.  You might receive the gift.

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General comment

Despite being limited to 100 hours, we got 2055 illustrations! Thank you all so much for your submissions! Thanks to all of you for your submissions! We received so many submissions that we had a hard time selecting them, and it took us a long time after Christmas. I'm sorry for the delay... After much deliberation, we have decided on the winners of the gifts! Please take a look.

The Biggest Christmas Gift
Worth around 50,000yen
Selected gift worth 50,000 yen

Name of Award: High Grade Steamer


Comments from SB

I'm SB who is age around 30 workaholic office lady.
Due to COVID19, some of my work become remote and my stresses are relieved.

I want a high grade steamer from Panasonic!
Recently, I got dumped by two years younger good looking ex boyfriend right after I presented expensive shoes.

We work in the same office, so it's kind of depressing to see him at a remote meeting.
I want to be so beautiful that my ex will regret leaving me.
(I want to get back together with my ex).

I have been watching Youtube videos and doing free self improvement like training and makeup, but I can't afford an expensive steamer.

Please present me to keep my motivation to live.

ART street

I can't believe there's really such a thing as being dumped the day after Christmas... You really can say "I want my money back!!" to him💢
I'm so sad for you, so instead of your ex boyfriend, ART street Santa Claus is going to give you a steamer 🎁.
Please become more beautiful and I want you to reject him when he back to you! (I can understand that you want to get back together with him lol)

A Big Christmas Gift
Worth around 30,000yen
Selected gift worth 30,000 yen

Name of Award: Kotatsu

kotatsu & kfc/Pai
Author Pai

Comments from Pai

Since being able to move in together after a four year long-distance relationship, my partner and I have always wanted to get a kotatsu! Our barely-insulated apartment is freezing in the winter, but they're difficult to get in the US, and with money tight from covid it's been too much a luxury item to justify the spending, even while I'm working from home. So, here's to sharing that small mundane dream with some of my partner and I's favorite ocs ❤️ this piece was super self indulgent, I had a great time with it! happy holidays!

ART street

Kotatsu is the best. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the ultimate weapon to ruin people.
In Japan, it is standard to eat mandarin oranges in a kotatsu, but I thought it was very American to eat chicken🍗.
Let's all get into the kotatsu swamp and spread it to the world!
I wish you all the best💕

Name of Award: Fitnessbike


Comments from ぽんしゅ

Corona has ruined my chances of going out and all my fun plans😭.
Christmas is my birthday but, I cannot celebrate with a party...
ARTstreet Santa!!
Please give me a fitness bike so I can get my body back in shape!
Please help me!🙏💦

ART street

Happy birthday! ART street Santa presents you Christmas and birthday present 🎁. I thought it was very clever that you put "デブ" around the word "fitness bike". It was an AHA experience when I noticed it.
And I cast a special spell on the fitness bike so that you won't get bored easily. Please don't let it become an interior decoration! LOL!

A Decent Christmas Gift
Worth around 10,000yen
Selected gift worth 10,000 yen

Name of Award: Swaddle Up

Author 音街

Comments from 音街

I will give a birth to twin boys.
Even with just one baby, parents in the world are working hard on little more than an hour's sleep, so I'm wondering what will happen with twins...

I saw the twin daughters of Natsuki Hanae, a voice actor, wearing the Swaddle Up, and I wanted to have it because it reduces the number of times babies crying at night due to the Morrow reflex.

I'd like to take a break while the baby is sleeping, or do some drawing on my iPad pro. We need to buy two pairs every time they grow up, so if you could give us two pairs, we'd be grateful...!

I would like a medium size.
Any color is fine, even the same color or different colors.

I really want to get four hours of sleep a day...!

ART street

Congratulations on your pregnancy! We're very happy for you✨.
Maybe you've already gave a birth at this point? 👦
I'm sure raising a child is a lot of work, but I'm rooting for you to be able to spend as much time as possible drawing illustrations!

Name of Award: Subdesk

Author なよ子

Comments from なよ子

I work at a hospital. I see covid patients from time to time, but more importantly, there are clusters at nearby hospitals, and I can't go out anywhere to avoid bringing the virus into the hospital, just in case. For the past two months, I haven't been able to go anywhere except home, the hospital, and the supermarket, and I've been staying indoors even on my days off. I'm an indoor person, but it's hard to stay indoors for such a long period of time. ゜(´Д`)・゜
So, in order to at least enrich my hobby (painting), I managed to get some equipment together, and it's bigger than I imagined, and it's taking up my desk (lol). It's so heavy that I can't move it very often.
I used to eat and do my makeup at my computer desk, so I have to eat with my hands and do my makeup on the floor. I want to be able to eat at my desk at least (crying).
I will do my best to stay indoors until the corona settles down, so please bless me with a sub-desk to make my home time a little more comfortable!

ART street

I'm sure it's been difficult for medical professionals for a long time...
I can't thank you enough m(_ _)m
I know it's going to be hard for a while yet, so I'm giving away a sub desk to make your home time a little more comfortable🎁.
I hope that drawing can alleviate some of your stress 😆.

Name of Award: Electronic Piano Set

Un regalo para mi hermana./Fredic
Author Fredic

Comments from Fredic

Hello! I'd like to give a present to my sister. My sister has always wanted a piano, but I've never been able to buy her one because it's too expensive. If I can get her one this time, I'm sure she'll be very happy.

ART street

I could tell from the illustration that you want it very much 👀.
And the thought for your sister made me smile😊.
It's been quite some time since Christmas, but I hope you surprise your sister with a gift!

Name of Award: Beyblade

En serio deseo y necesito esto/Bl00kyKatt
Author Bl00kyKatt

Comments from Bl00kyKatt

I really want Beyblade! It's my favorite anime merchandise, so if I can get my hands on it, I'll be so happy! I'm always told that I'm an adult and shouldn't be watching kids' anime, but I really like this anime. It would be an ideal gift, but my mom says she wouldn't spend money on a toy like that. So, contest managers, please help me! I'm sure other people have experienced the same thing... (And while I'm at it, I'd like to recommend Beyblade, please watch it! It's a great anime!

ART street

Age doesn't matter when it comes to collecting the things you love❗.
I think it's rather great that you've always loved it✨
Please beat all the rivals with your beyblade!

Name of Award: Ichiran Ramen

Ichiran Ramen いちらんらめん 2pcs/Somachi MF96
Author Somachi MF96

Comments from Somachi MF96

Good morning Medibang Staff, 2 years ago when I was on vacation in Japan, I fell in love with Ichiran Ramen! unfortunately in Italy there are no ramen restaurants so good ... Just the thought of the taste of ichiran ramen makes me almost moved: '(With this special gift I could bring back all the emotions I felt! with 2 packs I could make it taste to all my family! This is the Amazon Italia link:

Thank you!(^ω^)

ART street

Ramen Ichiran is delicious...❗
Please eat with your whole family and share the deliciousness with them.
And when you are able to travel, please come visit Japan and eat the real Ichiran. Talking about Ichiran makes me want to eat Ichiran too... 🍜

Name of Award: Necktie

Ichiran Ramen Tie/Pineapple
Author Pineapple
Title Tie

Comments from Pineapple

My parents have never gotten me anything for Christmas, and I have never received a gift for Christmas before. So, I saw this contest and thought I could at least try, and hope for a Christmas miracle. My favourite anime is Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and I would want to wear this tie whenever I can, no matter the occasion if I receive this tie (1096.73 Japanese Yen, free shipping). I also need an actual tie of my own for more professional occasions. If the honorable Medibang judges deem me worthy to receive my wish, they would be the first people to ever give me a Christmas gift, and I think I would cry. Thank you all so much for this opportunity.

ART street

ART street Santa has risen to give you your first Christmas present🎅
Please wear a cool tie with your cool clothes ✨.
I know it's very late, but Merry Christmas🎄!

Name of Award: External Hard Disk

Author Jinga

Comments from Jinga

Dear ART street! Please help my PC!
My PC introduced me to cartoons, sang to me, and made many good memories for ten years to keep me from feeling lonely. (Sometimes she even showed me xxxx.)
However, as the days went by, I noticed that my PC was getting older. I have a disease called "I don't want to erase good memories" and she has become slower. I wonder if the day of separation is near...
(I was stuck on the screen for half an hour and my family misunderstood me.)
So, I want Dr. Hard Drive to cure her illness. I want you to transfer my spare memories to the hard disk, reduce the burden on the computer, and let the computer live longer.
Please make my wish come true.

Have a good Christmas to ART street!

ART street

The illustrations were very nice 😆.
I hope I can help your PC who has worked so hard for 10 long years💻.
Now she will be able to live a little more comfortably and PC will be able to leave the hospital...!
And hopefully extend her life for another 10 years🙏

Name of Award: Manga "Sun-Ken Rock"

Boichi's Sacred Book/Emonwell

Comments from Emonwell

I always dreamed of becoming a comic artist. Fantasized by many mangakas and their works. I used to mimic artists like Shun Saeki, Hirohiko Araki, Junji Ito; yet their style were so iconic, I couldn't tell myself "I did this" whenever I mimicked their art.

I was just an artist that was lost in search for his art

Until one day, I had encountered "Sun Ken Rock", and I was in awe. Seeing the muscles and emotions expressed in Boichi's art always excited me. He inspired me to start learning human anatomy on my own, so I could one day master it and reach to his level of detailing.

After finding out that Boichi had an artbook. I was really desperate to get my hands on it, that I was planning to even build a shrine and lay it there. But my parents wouldn't let me get anything unless it was related to education. I then came across this event, and I knew that my time and chance has come. I can't let it fly away.
(this is the only seller that can deliver to my location)🙏

ART street

I could tell from the illustrations that you wanted to dedicate it ✨.
After reading and enjoying "San-Ken Rock", please build and decorate a shrine and worship it🙏.
If I can help you with your dream of becoming a manga artist, ART street Santa will be happy too🎅.

Special award

Comments from Marfy

Please give me the ability to draw. I want to get platinum. Please help me. Please send me your drawing power by telekinesis or something.

ART street

I'm sending a telekinesis to Marfy to improve your drawing ability... ⚡I'll start sending telekinesis every day from today⚡

Comments from マんゲつ@勉強なんか消えちまえ

There are friends in my class who talk to me, but when group work comes up, I'm always alone... It's hard when a friend who talk to me chooses another friend and I'm all alone for that day... So I want a best friend even on ARTstreet. Please! (It might be okay if you just help me make a best friend...)

ART street

I think it would be really great if we could make online friends on ART street and actually become real friends✨
I hope ART street can become such a place, and I'll keep sending you wishes to make online friends⚡