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About the Digital Fireworks Contest

Online Fireworks for Creators is an event where an illustration gets edited to a digital firework to be launched at a digital sky!

Due to COVID-19, many creator events and firework events are being canceled.
In this event, we want to put a spotlight to creators by launching their artwork in the digital sky!

An idea of the digital firework

Online Fireworks for Creators details

開催日:Event date: October, 4, 2020 6:00 PM *Japan time

Besides the fireworks, there will be a online store, a viewing area, and many other contents!
At the viewing area, participants can talk to each other in real time.
Event website here Online Fireworks for Creators official We are looking for entries on twitter as well. Use the hashtag #クリオン花火大会
Artworks from this contest and on twitter will turn into a firework! #クリオン花火大会

Turn your illustration into a firework

Draw an illustration for the Online Fireworks for Creators!
Even if the design is impossible for a real firework, it works with a digital firework!
Create a design that would look great in a digital firework!

*Important Notes*
  • - Please enter a PNG image with a transparent background
  • - Entry must be a lineart
  • - Please do not add colors
  • - The color of the lineart can be anything
  • - Only original artwork!

*If your artwork is not a PNG image with a transparent background, we may not be able to turn it into a digital firework
(The colors of the firework may change from the original lineart)

For example, the MediBang Paint mascot
Medi-chan would look like this as a firework!

The chosen lineart will turn into a digital firework with the hands of a video artist!

Makoto Yamashita

Video artist, performer

[Known for]
- Anime "Pop Team Epic (Pop team 8bit)"
- Gal to Kyoryu (Short anime/ Kyoryu short anime)
- Game "Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Digital Ultimania (Card summon scene)"
- MV "Pocket ni Fantasy Sachiko and Miku version"
- MV "Dragon Quest/ YouTuber Hikaru & Kaito Pinky"

Guest creators


A creative team. The members are Tooru Adachi and Shunsuke Itakura.
Creates videos with a unique atmosphere that leaves a strong impression on the viewers.

[Known for]
- Pop Team Epic "Popnemimimmi"
- group_inou MV "THERAPY"
- ORANGE RANGE MV "I’m dying to eat Sushi feat. Soy Sauce"
- Quick story with pictures "Guideline of driving safely"

Guest MC

Sora Tokui

Voice actor / Manga artist. Nickname "Soramaru".
She does various type of art, such as picture books, movie director, etc.

"Love Live!" Nico Yazawa
"Tantei Opera Milky Holmes" Nero Yuzurizaki
"Is the Order a Rabbit?" Maya
Picture book "Panda no oshigoto"
Manga "Makeruna!! Aku no gundan!"
Short movie "Tokidoki ha, nemurenai yoru ni"


Digital Fireworks Award(Maximum 100 winners)

Your design will become a digital firework for the "Online Fireworks for Creators"

Sparkling Award(Maximum 20 winners)

Cash prize 3000 yen*May overlap with the Digital Fireworks Award

Enter in 3 easy step

  • 1Draw a illustration

  • 2Check the box next to the banner


  • 3Submit to ART street


Submission Details

Entry Period
September 6, 2020 - September 23, 2020 12:00 PM * Japan time
Entry Format
・Only PNG images with transparent background (File size under 30 MB)
・No designated size, but the DPI must be at least 300
・Only lineart. The color of the lineart is up to you.
*Please be sure to make the background transparent. If it is not transparent, we might not be able to turn it to a digital firework.
Please Note
・Please note that if chosen for the digital firework, we will modify your lineart file to turn it into a digital firework.
・No limit to the number of times a person can apply. Entrants are welcome to submit multiple works.
・ Entries must be an original work where the applicant has the copyrights. You may not enter works that have been published in a commercial magazine (including online), won awards in a competition, or currently participating in a competition. You may submit works that you have already posted on an art website, social media, etc.
・Depictions that infringe upon the rights (image rights, copyrights, etc.) of a third party are prohibited.
・ Secondary creation work is not possible.
・The prize may be revoked if we discover that an entry condition was not fulfilled prior to the completion of the judging.
・Please keep the original data during the period from the start of the contest application period until the result announcement. The winners of the Digital Fireworks Award may be requested to send the original data.
・After the entry period has ended, you may receive a notification from to the email address registered in your MediBang account. If you do not reply within the reply deadline, your work may be excluded. Check your email and email settings. You can check your registered email address here.
・Entries that are sexual, or might result in causing harm to other people are not accepted. Any entries breaking this rule will be blocked or account suspended.
・Works that are submitted to the contest (including the artwork that turned into a digital firework) will be posted for free and without compensation on websites, social network platforms, catalogs, etc. managed by Online Fireworks for Creators management team and MediBang, Inc, for purposes such as contest promotion, advertising, announcing the results, etc.
How to Enter
【Try to enter the contest from from this page】 1.Register or log-in ART street.
2.Click "enter" at the bottom of this page.
3.When you see the banner for this contest, click "Enter".
4.Choose your artwork, upload it and press "Submit & Publish"

【Try to use artwork been already submitted to ART street】
1.Select "illustrations" from "Your submissions"
2.Choose the submission and press "Details"
3.Press "Edit"
4.Add "Digital Fireworks Contest" banner from "Apply for a Contest"
5.After checking pop-up caution, press "Enter" and click "Save & Publish"

【Enter the contest from MediBang Paint】
1. Select "Enter the contest" under "Submit Work".
2. Search for this contest, "Digital Fireworks Contest" and click "ENTER".
3. Select the illustration you want to enter, and click "ENTER".

1. Select "Contest" under "Submit Work".
2. Search for this contest, "Digital Fireworks Contest" and click "Enter".
3. Select the illustration you want to enter, and click "Enter Contest".

1. Select "Contest" under "OTHER".
2. Search for this contest, "Digital Fireworks Contest" and click "Enter".
3. Select the illustration you want to enter, and click "Enter Contest".

▼Mac or Windows
1. Select "Apply for the Contest" under "Submit Work".
2. Search for this contest, "Digital Fireworks Contest" and click "Apply".
3. Select the illustration you want to enter, and click "Apply".
How to Claim the Prize
Prize money will be credited to your Medibang account you applied with. To receive the prize money, you need to register a PayPal account or your bank account information. (The transfer fee is borne by the winner.)
Digital Fireworks Award (100 winners): Your design will become a digital firework for "Online Fireworks for Creators"
Sparkling Award (Maximum 20 winners): 3000 yen
*May overlap with the Digital Fireworks Award
※ It is possible to have no winners.
By entering in this contest, you are agreeing to the Entry Terms , so be sure to read the full text. In addition, about the entered illustration/s, PLEASE NOTE that after the contest recruitment period is over, except for the addition of tags, it can not be edited or deleted.


Please register and enter the contest!