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Annoucing the results for the My Ideal Waifu・My Ideal Husbando Contest! Total votes are4,733 Thank you very much for your many applications and votes!

Best Husbando(462 votes) Prize:30,000yen


Best Waifu(621 votes) Prize:30,000yen


Second Husbando(382 votes) Prize:10,000yen


Second Waifu(597 votes) Prize:10,000yen

Voting Summary

Voting period Entry Period: November 9, 2020 - November 16, 2020 17:00 * Japan time
Requirements to vote You need a MediBang account with a verified email address.
*You can register here
How to vote On the voting page of each gender, use your voting ticket and vote for the Waifu & Husbando you love the most.
  • You will receive 1 voting ticket for each group every day.
  • You can use 1 ticket for 1 vote.
  • By sharing on social media, you will receive 1 more voting ticket.
    ※You will only receive the voting ticket for the page of the group you shared.
    ※By sharing on social media, you can receive up to 2 extra tickets per day for each group.
  • When sharing on social media, please use the share button on the voting page. Otherwise you might not receive the extra voting ticket.
  • At 0:00, the number of your voting ticket will be reset to 1 ticket. Please use your extra voting ticket on the same day you shared on social media.
  • There are no restrictions on voting for multiple works or for the number of votes.
  • You can vote for your own work.
    ※If the number of votes is the tied, the final ranking will be determined by the total number of "likes", "favorites" and "comments" of the work.