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What is the Kyoto International Manga Award?

Kyoto International Manga Award 2019 is an international manga award that aims to create opportunities for manga artists to make professional debuts in Kyoto, in collaboration with “Manga Business Trip Editorial Department at KYO-MAF”.

The theme of the illustration department is KYOTO

The theme of the first ever to be held illustration section is KYOTO!
Any work reminiscent of Kyoto is OK! We are waiting to see your wonderful work!

The Manga section is here→

The winners will be invited to Kyoto, Japan!

The results will be announced on this page at the beginning of September and the award ceremony will be held at the venue of the Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair (Miyako Messe) on September 22, 2019.

One Grand Prize winner, one Semi Grand Prize winner and one Kyoto Prize winner will be invited to the Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2019 (KYO-MAF)!

The round-trip transportation expenses and accommodation fees (for one person per prize) will be taken care of by the organizer! They will also arrange for interpreters to be present!

Your shortcut to a professional debut!

【For the winners】

The prize-winning works of the Kyoto International Illistration Contest will be displayed at KYO-MAF and the secretariat will recommend the prize winners of the contest to all participating exhibitors in the "Kyoto Anime Game Company Career Forum" at KYO-MAF. You might get an offer from companies in the game and illustration industries?!

【Other options than just winning !? 】

Introducing the Illistration Scouting System! From now on, MediBang will hand over works of interest to companies in the gaming industry who participate in the“Kyoto Anime Game Company Forum @ Kyoto Mafu, Even if you do not receive the award, there may be an individual offer !?

Apply in two steps!

1. Submit your work on ARTstreet.

  • 1Draw a Illistration!

  • 2Add a tag!



  • 3Post on ART street!


2. Fill out the questionnaire.

Please fill out the questionnaire.


Special Review!


Specially appointed faculty member at Tsubaki Art University character design field, and representative of One's Glory Ltd.

Konatsu Shikijo

He is from the animation studio Studio 4 ° C/ Works as a freelance illustrator/ Active in app games and light novel illustrations. "Elegant Kyoto-Street Men" Developing handsome character content with Kyoto's street design.



Nakamura Eight

A freelance illustrator based in Kyoto. Famous participation titles include "Duel Masters", "Puzzle & Dragons" and so on.

Application guidelines

Recruitment period
May 13 (Mon) 16:00 to July 31 (Wed) 16:00 ※Japan time
Entry Format and Important Points

・Original work whose applicant has the copyrights. (Commercial magazines and works published on the web are not permitted, Limited to works not published in commercial magazines)

・Copyright, Portrait right, etc. All depictions that infringe the rights of third parties are prohibited.

・Secondary creation work is not possible.

・Various parts of the prize-winning works (such as the title, pen name, part or all of the work, etc.) may be used as necessary by the organizer for free and without compensation for purposes such as announcing the results of the contest, printed materials, and use on the homepage in order to publicize and record the project.

・The rights of the work submitted for the prize belong to the entrant, however each editorial department may contact the entrant through the organizer for magazine publication.

・The prize may be revoked if we discover that an entry condition was not fulfilled prior to the completion of the judging.

How to Enter

【Step 1】 Post from Art Street

1. User registration on Art Street

2. Click "work submission" on the art street site

3. Select the file format (MDP, PNG, JPG) from "Illustration" and upload the file

4. Save the setting with the title, tag kyoto-illust2019 from the work details of the “work list”

5. Click "Art Street Publishing"

【Step 2】 Fill in the questionnaire form

1. Once the ARTstreet submission is complete, access this questionnaire form

2. Enter the required items

3. Click Send

Entry Conditions

・The number of applications is unlimited. We welcome applications for multiple works.

・Color / Black and white are also welcome.

・It should be a work in line with the theme.

Qualification Requirements
Applicants who wish to be a manga artist or illuistrators who wants to make a professional debut in Japan (nationality is not an issue)
Priveleges of the Prize-winning Works

The secretariat of the executive committee of the Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair and the managing company will select the finalists. The judges will then carefully select one work for the Grand prize, one work for the Semi Grand Prize and one work for the Kyoto Prize!

1. Prize of ¥ 50,000 [Grand prize]

2. Invitation to the Kyoto International Manga and Anime Fair [Grand Prize, Semi Grand Prize, Kyoto Prize]

※ The secretariat bears the round trip transportation expenses to the venue and the accommodation expenses (for each award one person)

※ For overseas winners, interpreters are available

3. Introducing award-winning works to all exhibitors exhibiting at the “Kyoto Anime and Games Company Career Forum” scheduled to be held on Sunday, 22nd of September, 2009 [Grand Prize, Semi Grand Prize, Kyoto Prize]

By entering in this contest, you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions detailed in the Contest Rules, so please read them thoroughly before you enter. Please note that submitted works cannot be edited or deleted after the entry period is over, however tags (not including the contest tag) can still be added.

Please register and enter the contest!