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Kyoto International Manga Awards 2020 Illustration Category Results | Contest - ART street by MediBang

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Grand Prize Award( 100,000 yen )

The Grand prize was selected from the manga contest

AritoComments from Arito

It is very detailed. The artwork is beautiful, and the story is cute. It is easy to like this manga.
The downside is, it lacks catharsis because there is no clear difference between the scarecrow state and the human state. Also the things which is necessary to become a human is not very clear.

RinComments from Rin

I can see this story is a homage to Pinocchio. The artwork is cute and has a trendy style. It was very easy to read. The condition for the ""friend"" to become a real human was good, but the part where he realizes it was a bit weak. Since it is the main theme of this manga, I think this should have been more dramatic.

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Excellence Award( 50,000 yen )


Morikura EnComments from Morikura En

I was attracted to the atmosphere that tells a story.
The movement of the kimono sleeves, petals, and the light at the distance is very dramatic.
The composition has a natural flow, and how you created the atmosphere is lovely.

VOFANComments from VOFAN

The scattering petals, and the realistic expression of the rabbits in the kimono looks beautiful.

SugataComments from Sugata

I think the Oinari-san in a kimono looks very sweet. The composition is simple and lovely. I didn't see much entries where the animal is wearing a kimono, so this was a nice way to differentiate from the others.

Runner-up Award( 30,000 yen )

VOFANComments from VOFAN

This artwork is dynamic and drawn delicately. The hair that looks like waves matches well with the theme.

SugataComments from Sugata

The artist's skills shine with this artwork. The goldfish looks like it's from Nara instead of Kyoto. So close! LOL! To be fair the artist is not Japanese, so some inaccuracy may happen.

Finalist( 10,000 yen ) 3 artwork

SugataComments from Sugata

The artistic composition shines with this artwork. I like that the artist put a lot of thought into this artwork, such as the Gion festival that can be seen in the motif. The downside is that it's a bit cluttered, and the colors are similar so I could not tell what the artist wanted to show the most.



Morikura EnComments from Morikura En

I like the elegant and delicate atmosphere of the artwork. There is a gold fish in the kimono pattern, and the styling is also like a goldfish. Every component matches well with others, which I thought was fascinating. The random placement of things reminds me of a kimono pattern, and I was attracted to that as well.

VOFANComments from VOFAN

The blacklight gives depth to the character, and the soft colors are nice to look at.



Morikura EnComments from Morikura En

The kimono pattern looks very 3 dimensional, which tells me it is an embroidery instead of a dyed pattern. I think that's wonderful. The attractiveness of the kimono seen from the back is expressed with the beautiful neck and side view of the face. The mix between a realistic look and the sparkling colors is very enchanting.

SugataComments from Sugata

I think this is a lovely artwork that uses soft colors beautifully. The downside is, the artwork seems like it is missing something. If the artist found a way to add something more, it would have been an even better artwork.

Special Jury Award(10,000 yen )

The Special jury award was selected from the illustration contest

VOFANComments from VOFAN

The kimono has a western outfit aspect, which makes it look interesting. The girl's smile and the colorful artwork is uplifting.

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