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Thank you for so many submissions!The winner of the Grand Prize will have their image featured on a product package, which will go on sale and be promoted from November 22 in stores all over Japan.

General Opinion

Thank you everyone for over 1,500 submissions. Everyone put in a lot of effort, and each piece had it’s own charm. From bringing out the character’s personality, to designing a stylish or cool outfit, to matching her with the other three existing characters, we really noticed all the thought and effort that was put into each piece. The winners of the Grand Prize and Excellence Award were selected on the basis of the character’s appeal, clothing, pose, etc. and the PRiNCTON Award was given to those works that really shined.


Grand Prize(¥100,000 + Main image on a package)


Creator mix


Out of all the wonderful submissions we received, the decision to go with this character was almost unanimous. With pink flowers as the inspiration, green was incorporated into the design, creating a gorgeous yet cute character, which we believed would be perfect for our packaging.

Excellence Award(¥50,000)

  • Creator


    I think this is a cute character that would be loved by all. The fluffy headphones and hat as well as the gradated hair give it a soft feeling, which is wonderful. Also, we loved the fact that the pen was drawn very realistically.

  • プリンストンコメントComment

    The unique design and colorful clothes really catch the eye. Even though there are a lot of patterns incorporated in this design, it is well composed and I can't get tired of looking at it. The bear riding on her shoulder really brings out the fun feeling in this piece.