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Girls' Manga Award - Illustration Section Results | Contest - ART street by MediBang

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First Prize(50,000 JPY, a promise of publication in a magazine and an assigned editor.)

Not applicable

Honorable Mention(10,000 JPY)


This cute and soft design is attractive! The shy figure of a girl, and the intimacy is visible in the boy who leaned against her with peace of mind ♪ I want to read the relationship between the two people in a story, I look forward to you taking the challenge of making a short comic out of this!


Even while yawning the boy looks cool, and the girl has a cute looking pattern! Scratching your stomach and covering the mouth, it was good that each character appeared to have their own gesture. I want you to challenge yourself with making comics.


The way you made the girl a spoilt and the boy a little shy and look away is very cute. It's an illustration of a situation where both people seemed to be accustomed to it and that was very interesting. The pastel colors are sweet and nice!