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-Fight for the iPad- So Bad it's Good Championship〔RESULT〕

During these tough times, we could use some positive news!
Here is one for you!!
We have decided the winner of the "So Bad it's Good Championship" round 1! (Insert drum roll)
We had so many participants, and looking at all the entries was so much fun for us! We thank each and every one of you that participated!

The Winning Artwork

Congratulations!! That is one epic aura!! When we look at this, we want to make fun of it, but it's so oddly good that we can't!! This is a great "So Bad It's Good" artwork, and deserves to win the 1st round!! It really looks like it's ready to shoot an energy blast attack at us... LOL

Honorable mentions

There were many great entries! When we look at them, we just forget about all the complications we have in this world! We are sorry we can't give you guys a prize, but at the very least, we hope you get a lot of views with this mention! The entries are all unique and wonderful, but we present to you the artwork that caught our eyes the most!

We appreciate that so many people participated! Please look out for the next campaign!

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