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The illustration / manga posting site "MediBang!" Has become "ART street" !!

-Fight for the iPad- So Bad it's Good Championship

Due to unfortunate reasons, we have an early spring break!
Concerts are being canceled! Theme parks and zoos are closed! They keep telling us to stay home!
Is there a fun activity I could do from home..?
Yeah there is! It's called drawing!

To those who are stuck at home, and have nothing to do.
We have good news!
You have a chance to win an iPad! Just participate in our So Bad it's Good Championship!

About This Project

Use the template below, and draw an animal.
On the banner, write down the name of the animal.
When it's done, post on ART street with the "SoBadItsGood" tag, and that's it.

Whether you are an experienced artist or not, a drawing shows the artist's personality.
Something that is so bad it's good is fun because of that.
"Wait, this drawing sucks!" "I'm not really good at drawing.."
You don't need to worry about those things!
Just draw and post!
Maybe you'll get better! Maybe you'll find out you like to draw!





Entry Period

March 19, 2020~April 6, 2020 (JST)

We ask you

・This is a "So bad it's good" championship. We don't recommend sending art that is just good (Nothing will happen, but the chances of winning will be lower).
・The theme is animals. We don't recommend you sending something so simple that it's impossible to recognize.
For example, a dot, or a single straight line (Nothing will happen, but the chances of winning will be lower).

Judging Criteria

The following ART street staffs will carefully choose the illustration that feels the most oddly good.

We will show you some of the "so bad it's good" drawings from the staffs as an example.
Also we'll give out information on each staff's favorite animal. Maybe they are biased, maybe not.


Staff Q
Favorite animal is
Racoon dog


Staff X
Favorite animal is
Pigeon after a typhoon


Staff P
Favorite animal is


Staff P
Favorite animal is
Cat or turtle


Development staff T who has nothing to do with this project
Favorite animal is

I don't have a painting app...

Did you know there is a free painting app you can use on the computer, Android, iPhone, or iPad?
It's called MediBang paint. You should check it out.

Please note

・Please respect the Submission Guidelines.
・We will contact the winner through the email address they registered on MediBang.
Please make sure to have a valid email address registered.

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