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-Fight for the iPad- So Bad it's Good Championship Round 3
Theme: "Fairy Tale"

Finally we are announcing the winners of So Bad it's Good Championship Round 3! (insert drum roll)
As silly as this championship can be, there were so many entries and we thank you all for participating!

The Winning Artwork




This is the "So Bad It's Good Illustration! This indescribable quality makes it a worthy winner!

Honorable Finalists

Once again, there were many great submissions...! It was very hard to choose!
Not only did the works depict fairy tales as they are, but they also had a great deal of energy and so on... We had a lot of unique illustrations this time!
We really would like to give prizes, but we couldn't! Here are some of the illustrations that were really close to win!

We should share these great illustrations, so we made illustrations collection! Please take a "So Bad It's Good" collection!

Thank you all for participating! See you next time!

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