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-Fight for the iPad- So Bad it's Good Championship Round 3
Theme: "Fairy Tale"

Do you want to get iPad and Apple Pencil--!!? Yes you want---!!
We heard your inside desire, so we hold -Fight for the iPad- So Bad it's Good Championship Round 3!!
"I'm not good at drawing...", "I've never drawn before..." DO NOT WARRY!!
We are looking for illustrations that are unique, even if they are not good!! Let's have fun drawing!!

【About This Project】

Please use the template in ↓ to draw a picture based on a "Fairy Tale".
You can draw faithfully the works such as "LittleRed Riding Hood" or "Momotaro", or you can add your own arrangement to the ministry.
Please write down what you drew on the banner at the bottom of the template.
To enter the championship, post on ART street with the tag "SoBadItsGood".

You don't just have to draw badly. However, You don't have to draw well at all too!
Drawing is fun, and you win if you have fun drawing!
And if you can draw a picture that makes you think, "This is kind of good, isn't it? then you'll be super happy for the rest of the day!
First, draw it and post it!
It's hard to get excited outside, but let's have fun with drawing!





【Entry Period】

Feburary 1, 2021~Feburary 28, 2021 (JST)

【Winner Prize】

The one participant that drew the most oddly good art that impressed the staffs the most will win an iPad and an Apple Pencil!

【We ask you】

・This is a "So bad it's good" championship. We don't recommend sending art that is just good (Nothing will happen, but the chances of winning will be lower).
・The theme is "Fairy Tale". We don't recommend you sending something so simple that it's impossible to recognize. For example, a dot, or a single straight line (Nothing will happen, but the chances of winning will be lower).
・Unlike the usual contests, you need to add the tag yourself. Locking the tag is recommended, to avoid others from editing.
・The tag might be deleted if your artwork doesn't use the template, has nothing to do with the theme, or other reasons that make it inappropriate.

【Judging Criteria】

The following ART street staffs will carefully choose the illustration that feels the most oddly good.

We will show you some of the "so bad it's good" drawings from the staffs as an example.
Also we'll give out information on each staff's favorite fairy tale. Maybe they are biased, maybe not.


Favorite Fairy Tale:
The Three Pigs


Favorite Fairy Tale:
The Happy Prince


Favorite Fairy Tale:
The North Wind and The Sun


Favorite Fairy Tale:
Jack and the Beanstalk

【I don't have a painting app...】

Did you know there is a free painting app you can use on the computer, Android, iPhone, or iPad?
It's called MediBang paint. You should check it out.

【Please note】

・Please respect theSubmission Guidelines.
・We will contact the winner through the email address they registered on MediBang. Please make sure to have a valid email address registered.
・MediBang has righe to make the final decision in the selection of winners and the granting of gifts.
・If the corona virus is affecting the transportation, sending the award might be delayed.

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