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The attack of Tsuneko 2020
- Draw this in your style -

Finally! The winner of the Attack on Tsuneko competition has been chosen! (Yay!)
A collection of works as unique as the original Tsuneko! Thank you very much for your participation!

The best remake

A strong and cute Tsuneko



Your Tsuneko's cute face and overwhelming "pressure" to hold back the other entries!
We award the title of winner to this mass of individuality.
As prizes, you will receive an iPad + Apple Pencil !

Cuteness award

Getting Comfy with Tsuneko






We had a lot of cute and beautiful Tsuneko art, which is unthinkable from the original Tsuneko!
It was hard to choose, but from among them, we're sending the award of cuteness to these two works!
As prizes, you will receive an Amazon gift certificate for 3000 yen !

Hilarious award

Among the funniest entries, two particularly unique ones won the "Hilarious award"!
We laughed as we chose them!
As prizes, they will receive an Amazon gift certificate for 3000 yen !

Other Entries

We've picked the nommies and made a collection!
Please take a look!

Thank you so much for all of your entries!
Please stay tuned for our next campaign!

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