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The attack of Tsuneko 2020
- Draw this in your style -

2020 was a challenging year, and it is about to end. We wanted to do an epic art challenge to finish off this year.
ART street staffs are extremely passionate about this project, and want you guys to unleash your creativity!
We have awesome prizes as well. Please check them out!

【About the project】

Please be sure to use the template below!
Draw the lovely Tsuneko in your style.
Then post on ART street with the tag "TsunekoInYourStyle", and that's it!
Who is Tsuneko...?
A MediBang staff Mr.N, who just started learning digital art, created the beautiful character.
She didn't have a name, so I decided to call her Tsuneko. (Apologies Mr.N!)

Here is a character description of Tsuneko. Keep this in mind when drawing her!
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 168cm (but actually 188cm)
Characteristic: Cheerful
Favorite food: Crepe! (but actually a banana)
Favorite color: Red
Best friend's name: Moromi
Favorite Demon Slayer character: Akaza



download MDP
To download the template, right click and save on PC, or tap and hold on smartphone.

【Entry Period】

December 18, 2020 - January 24, 2021 (Japan standard time)

【Winner Prize】

The best remake (1 winner max):We are not yet sure how to judge, but the one that feels the most awesome is the winner.
Prize: iPad Wi-Fi 32GB (Silver) + Apple Pencil (1st generation)


iPad 32GB Wi-Fi Model Silver + Apple Pencil (1st Generation)

Cuteness award (3 winners max): There is no solid standard, but if the judges feel it's cute, it will win the cuteness award.
Prize: 3000 yen Amazon gift card

Hilarious award (3 winners max): When the staffs are gathering to judge, the entry that caused the loudest laughter will win this award.
Prize: 3000 yen Amazon gift card

【Are you interested in Tsuneko merch?】

There is a Tsuneko merch store on SUZURI!

If you purchase a merch, our company will earn nothing.
But it will make Mr.N happy.

【I don't have a painting app...】

There is a free digital painting app that can be used on PC, Android, iPhone, and iPad. It's called MediBang Paint.

【Important notes】

・Please follow thesubmission guidelines.
- Please be sure to use the template.
- When drawing in your style, you can change Tsuneko's outfit, accessories, background, etc.
- If your entry is violent or sexual, it may be deleted, so please be careful not to make inappropriate posts.
- The winners will be contacted through the email registered on their MediBang account. Please be sure it is a valid email.
- The prize can only be sent to countries/regions where a package can be sent from Japan.
Please note that if you live in an area that cannot receive a package from Japan, your prize will be canceled.
- Please note that due to the COVID-19 situation, the shipping of your prize may be delayed.

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