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How to draw cartoon style


We will give you some tips on drawing in a Cartoon Network kind of style.
Program used : MediBang Paint

○Tip 1: Simplify
MediBang Paint Cartoon Network

Simplifying the object and form is very important when drawing in a cartoon style.
For example, a milk carton can just be a simple box without small details. The brim of the hat can be one line.
With characters, you can reduce the number of fingers. It’s okay because many cartoon characters are unique!
You can also make the shapes round, or draw the foot and shoes together which is also cartoon-ish.

Tip 2: Forget gravity
MediBang Paint Cartoon Network

The 2nd tip is to ignore gravity when drawing.
For example the hair can point up, or a big house can be on a tree branch.
Even if it is very unrealistic, it works with a cartoon style.
By ignoring gravity, you can exaggerate the expressions, or even give a cute cartoon look.

○Tip 3: Exaggerate
MediBang Paint Cartoon Network

The 3rd tip is to just exaggerate.
Cartoon characters are very expressive. Really exaggerate when they are happy, or surprised!
You should exaggerate buildings or food, not just characters! The exaggerated shape will give it a cartoon look.
Even if you might feel it is too much, you might be surprised how it blends with the finished composition, so don’t hesitate!

◯How to draw backgrounds
MediBang Paint Cartoon Network

Finally we will talk about cartoon style backgrounds.
Cartoons usually have eccentric decors and fancy buildings. So it is ok to draw with strong colors.
Also drawing American style furniture and buildings is another way to achieve a cartoon look.
If there are things you would want to stand out, the lineart of that object should be stronger, which is seen in many cartoon style illustrations.
Cartoons have many different styles, so don’t copy a single style. Find the important characteristics to implement to your artwork, and you can create an original cartoon style drawing.

MediBang Paint Cartoon Network

Those were some tips on drawing cartoon style.
Even if things don’t look realistic, it’s ok in the cartoon world! We hope you have fun drawing in different styles!

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