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Official Drawing Lessons on ART street Vol.23


When you see your finished work, do you feel the proportion is off? Do you hate lineart because you struggle with it? As you keep drawing, does your artwork become far from what you originally wanted to draw? These problems can be solved if you rethink about how you draw the rough draft!We will give you tips for an effective rough draft.

Rough draft tips for anime-style illustrations

Create a silhouette of the character.

First draw a rough silhouette of the character.
At this stage don't think about the difficult things such as anatomy.
Keep it loose, and draw what you feel.

While drawing the rough pose, you can also think about the composition.

Start sketching the figure of the character.

Based on the silhouette, draw the figure of the character.
Decide the angle of the body and the face.

Keep refining the sketch.
This will be good enough to move to the next step.

Add clothing, hair, etc.

Add clothing and hair to the sketch.
If you sketch the body first and then add clothing, it is easier to keep things in proportion.
Also if you draw the bald head first, it is easier to consider the shape of the head when adding hair.
These steps will make your character look more convincing.

It is a good idea to separate the layers with colors and parts, such as hair, clothing body, etc.

By creating different layers for different parts and painting them separately, you could get a better understanding of the whole picture.

The rough draft is completed!

If you add shadows, you can get a better idea of the completed artwork.
All of this might sound like a lot of work, but if you take your time on the rough draft, the further steps such as inking and painting will be much easier.
Try to figure out a way to create a rough draft that works for you!

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