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Draw a cute girl with black hair using Paint tool SAI Ver.2


The program and brushes used for this tutorial

Program: Paint tool SAI Ver.2
Sketching: Pen
Lineart: Pen
Painting: Pen and Water

"I want to draw a cute girl but I don't know what to do..."
Do you ever feel that way?

It can help if you have a clear picture of the lovely girl you want to draw in your mind.
What is her hairstyle, facial expression, or the situation she is in?
Next, find a way to turn that into an illustration, and have fun doing so!

For this tutorial, I will show you how you can draw a pretty girl with black hair.
*On ART street, you can post illustration and manga that you created with any program you like. We hope you post your artwork!

1. Sketching

Roughly draw the composition that you came up with.

2. Lineart

Finalize the details while inking.
Be conscious about which parts you want to stand out the most, such as hair or eyes.

3. Painting

Select light colors, and start painting, including the hair.

How to paint the skin
1. Use red or yellow colors to paint the skin with the brush and water. Try to make it look soft

2. Draw the shadows to make it look 3 dimensional.

3. Use a color that is lighter than the base skin color for the highlights. Don't make it too shiny.

4. Add a blue color to the shadows. This will make the illustration look nice.
To make the illustration look soft, use a color with an orange hue for the lineart.


How to paint the hair
1. Choose a base color, and one shadow color.
Basically I will combine a base color and one shadow color, adjust them, and make a gradation. Even for the clothing, I will use a lot of gradation to give it texture.
Think of a water fountain when painting the hair.

2. Add lighter colors with an overlay layer
Add several light colors with an overlay layer, each colors separately.

着色002 着色003

How to paint the eyes
The eyes are important. I tried to make them look enchanting.
1. Group all the paint layers, and create a new layer on top of the group.

2. To give depth to the eyes, I added colors using the multiply and luminosity layers.

着色004 着色005
4. Final touches

To make the character look beautiful and gorgeous, I added some vivid colors, and then lowered the hue.


What do you think? Try to find a way to draw that works for you, and have fun!

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