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Make it lovely and fluffy! How to draw animal ears


Do you like anthros, furries, or kemonos? The ears are very important to these types of characters.
We will give you some tips on drawing fluffy animal ears!
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When you draw animal ears, think of it as a soft triangle.
Those new to drawing ears often draw straight triangles.
It is important to keep the shapes soft!

First, take a look at our good example, and bad example.
The left is the bad example.
The ears are way too straight. Animal ears in real life usually do not look like this.
If you want your ears to be realistic and believable, you should look at actual animals.

1. Understand where the ear is placed

Let's think about where the ears start.
Ears on an actual animals start from the back of the head, and tilted to the front.
Also there is fur inside the ears.


If you tend to draw stiff looking ears, think about the thickness.
To make a soft looking ear, try to use a round silhouette.


When drawing animal ears on your character, hide the side of the face with hair.
Your character will look more convincing if you hide the area where a human ear would be.

2. Express emotions with the ear!

Animal ears are lovely because the character's mood will change the shape.
Unlike human ears, you can see the emotions.
Maybe if all humans had animal ears, the world would be peaceful...!

Here are some examples of ear expressions.


Like the facial expression, the ear is soft and relaxed.


The ear is full of emotion, and is pointy.
It looks like the horns of a demon, as though it is giving warning signals to the enemy.


If the ears are flat on the side, the character will look sad.
It's as if the ears go down along with the character's feelings.


When surprised, the ears will stand up.
It looks as if it is shocked.


Was this helpful? If you like adding animal ears to your character, please try this out!
We hope you post lovely characters with animal ears on ART street!

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