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Let's draw using the retro sparkle brush!


We will show you how you can use the retro sparkle brush on your drawing.
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Try using a brush to enhance your artwork!

Program used: MediBang Paint

1. Draw a character

First we will draw the character.
The theme will be a girl that is looking at the night sky.

Using the pen brush, I did a rough sketch with the layer opacity set to 15%.


I did a rough lineart with the watercolor and pencil brush.


With the silhouette in mind, I do a rough draft of the colors of the hair, outfit, skin, etc. I used the pen, watercolor, watercolor (wet), and acrylic brush.


I fix the shape of the silhouette, and then paint the details.


The highlights and shadows are added.
I pictured what she would look like in the sunset.


The character is completed! Next I will paint the background.

2. Draw the background

Using the acrylic or watercolor brush, I painted the sky, blurring some areas.
It is winter, so you can see her breath.
Winter sunsets are magical.


Then I draw the clouds.
I did that with the acrylic brush, and use the motion blur filter to blur it sideways.


More clouds.
To achieve the sunset look, I used orange colors.

3. Let's use the retro sparkle brush!

I will use the retro sparkle brush 1-3 to enhance the artwork!
You can purchase them for 99 yen (about 1$ USD!). Get the retro sparkle brush 1-3 here.

I use the retro sparkle brush 1 to create stars.
First I roughly draw a lot of stars. Then I use the transform to create smaller stars.


I used the retro sparkle brush 2 to draw snow particles.
To add a sense of depth, I blur some of the areas.


Finally I use the retro sparkle brush 3 to draw the pattern of the scarf.
First paint the pattern by following the shape of the scarf. Then use the mesh transform to adjust the shapes.

Add adjustments and it's done!

What do you think?
We hope you use our brush resources on your artwork.
If you do, be sure to post on ART street!

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