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2 years ago

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First of all
I'm sorry
I think I'm destroying my upload schedule, I'm not even looking for new pictures on ArtStreet anymore as what I always do, I just...don't feel like I enjoy this anymore ha ha ... I'm very sorry, I don't want to be
Again, I'm sorry
Hi Hello There !
Another monochrome art yo :D

He's my OC, I call him Kyou.
His original age is actually 14, but in this art I think he 16-18 maybe? Don't know haha, he just looks older ;)
• • •
Let me tell you something, did you already see my Instagram photo profile? That's from my unfinished art that has Yurae/Yull, Kyou/*, and Varile/Varilya in it !

I haven't finished it till now, It's been few months ;/
I just don't feel enjoy to draw it...haha I'm sure I'll finish it, but not now YvY
Wish me luck
• • •
That's All !
Thank you so much for reading this description and the art view ! That means a lot ! ❤️❤️❤️

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