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- Butterflies - LEVEL 7

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2 years ago

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Hi Hello there ! 🌟
It's been more than one week isn't ? I'm sorry I didn't upload for such a long time...I've been experiencing something that I've never thought that I will haha..But It's alright tho ! Everything seems okay now ! 😊
• • •
Ah also, let me tell you something.
When I was making this art, I'm having a big trouble ;v; Well The hair outline layer is deleted by mistake, and I just realized it after I almost completed it <'D and so I need to make new ones...not detailed like the deleted one though ;) It's really just 'outline', sorry...I hope this doesn't disappoint you...
Thank you very much for understanding 🙏💖
• • •
That's All !
Thank you so much for reading this description and the art view ! That means a lot ! ❤️❤️❤️

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