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4 years ago



  • medibangpaint

  • tutorial

  • anime

  • 影の描き方

  • Semirealistic

  • メイキング

  • 肌の描き方

  • Stepbystep

  • semirealism


This is an old tutorial from 2016, so will be more useful for a painting style I had back then, and may not be as useful if you intend to create anime style illustrations or other cartoons that aren't overly realistic. This was also intended for newer digital artists, so this may seem simple for those who have been drawing digitally for a while.
I don't know what has suddenly made this post popular again, but thank you anyway. I will be replying and reading comments soon, and I may make a new updated version with the new way that I colour.


Here's a long overdue tutorial. Next I'm going to make a more advanced version of this for those who have been making art for a while and want to know more (Including how Lighting, Thickness of skin, ext. affects the colour of the skin). Hope this helps some of you! <3


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