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Fluffy Mossy
MediBang ID: kestrelfeathers

Welcome to the Menagerie, my universe of stories!
I go by she/her. I’m 13 and I love Gravity Falls!
🌱Fursonas are:
✨Ace- Protogen
🍄Mossy- Dutch Angel Dragon
🐟 Trout- Manokit
🌕Nyx- Werewolf
🍭 Yaki- Shiba Inu/Rosy Maple Moth
🌱 Universes I made:
🟢Feral- with Mossy
⚫️Altered (sci-fi)
🟣Moths- with Ace and Lavender
🌱If you hurt Sleepy, Umbriiel, Austen or Ash,I will bite you and scream profanities.
Hail Bill Cipher 🌲🌲🌲
Pfp by Mayple! Thank you mayple