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Candy superhero ideas?

I’m designing my superhero/villain(??) who’s aesthetic is candy. She needs good armor, but no cape. Some frill and sparkle but not too much like an anime princess. A mixture of the two? Could you help me out? Thank you

  • > Mossy Woo! I'm glad you like it


  • Ooooo, uhhh, Im kinda bad at designing outfits, but I can try! Maybe armor made of Lollipops(like the shoulder plate-things and the breast thingys), a marshmallow twisty thing for the belt(idk what theyre called), maybe you could had some rocky candy acents to her outfit??? Idk, if i think of more Ill tell you

Help pls

What are profile modes? I see a lot of people have them. What does it mean, exactly?

  • > ꜱᴀᴘᴘʏʙᴇʟʟᴀ agora eu entendi melhor,obrigada -v-; ah,então vou fazer o cosplay então,parece divertido :D

  • > Mossy Mhm!

  • > -lulu- Kinda- wait the meaning of mode? Tbh Kuri, Rei, and I came up with it so I'm not sure if you'll find it

  • > ꜱᴀᴘᴘʏʙᴇʟʟᴀ Então eu acertei também ????? :0 acho que vou deletar o "jazzghost mode" do meu perfil,para não criar confusão 7v7 eu tentei procurar o significado na internet mas não achei nada ;v;


Deric Shauvan declared guilty on all charges. The vote was unanimous

  • > Mossy bro my parents (conservative republicans) deadass just said "if there was ever an unfair trial, it was this one"

  • > Mossy OH THATS WHO HE IS

  • > austen. He murdered George Floyd by holding his knee to George’s neck for more than nine minutes. He was charged guilty with second degree murder, third degree murder, and second degree manslaughter.

  • that bitch should be in death row, but thank the gods that he was guilty in all charges

Ok but like.. WHY

Thank you for the level 2 but why??? It’s just some quick doodles like wtf. Seriously though. I am convinced that anything with the title “doodle” involved is going to level up fast. It sets low standards, so people are more likely to view it as a masterpiece because of it

  • I do believe it is because sketches give people inspiration I even find doodles to be cool and give me an idea of what to draw

  • Lol I think it’s cuz of how organized they look and stuff, usually when I try doodles like those it ends up being a complete mess :”)

Strawberry Sparkle: Wolfspider

This is my newest amigurumi! She is a baby Wolfspider (a species from the Croods: a new age.) I loved the species so much that I had to make one! She is very tiny, only the size of my hand. She has a faux fur yarn back and ruff. I love her!

  • > Dragu I used a special yarn called “go for Faux”. It’s hard to use because you can’t really see the stitches, so you have to feel your way through :/ It’s super chunky and soft though and I really like it!

  • omg thats amazing,, i've been wanting to learn how to crochet so bad. how did you add the fur parts?

  • > Creampuffu NOOOOO THE YARN LOSSSSSSS RIP. That sounds so epic!,! Crochet buddies

  • that’s really neat!

Plushies I made!

I like to crochet plushies for fun! The first is my first fursona, Nova. His wings and ears have pipecleaners so they can bend. I use this method in almost all my plushies. The second is a Pik Pik (my own species.)
The third is Bubblegum, a canitaur (dog centaur) for my sister. She’s not quite finished yet. The fourth is a fawn faux-taxidermy head I made in March.

  • Aaaaaaa they are so cuteee!!! I love the Pik Pik!!

  • > Hai Dude, thank you! I know last year I had a kind of word-of-mouth business selling baby yoda plushies.

  • Awww I lob

  • duuude i saw the sweater topic one and now this you're seriously talented, maybe you could even open an etsy shop? (or whatever they're called) these look marvellous i would literally pay you (if i had the money lol), like no joke

Sewing tips??

I’m a beginner sewer and I want to know how to make plushies and fursuits. Any tips??

  • > AvoKado Thank you so much! These are great

  • - Remember to always sew stuff inside out to make sure ur sewing lines r clean/ unseen😎👌🏼. - Knotting d end to make sure ur string doesn’t come undone is something dat I struggle with so heads up! ⚠️ 😅 - go SLOW and STEADY. I’ve pricked myself numerous times, lol🥲 - make sure to leave a big enough hole before closing up ur plush so dat u have room to stuff it in with fluff I actually don’t sew myself. These r just a few things I wish I were warned/ learned about earlier before my very few attempts. Good luck!😉