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Wolf of the Cosmos

  • > CrazyHorseDragon ok ty! :D

  • > Nebula Lol I suck at fur too xD I watched the fur tutorial by clockbirds: Hope this helps :D

  • gj! also how do you do fur bc i suck at it XD


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Another Birthday Gift :3

  • > Shdw16 Ty ty :D

  • > CrazyHorseDragon Your welcome

  • > Nebula Thank you <3 I'll make sure to convey your wishes :3

  • > Nagisa Thank you xD We're gonna need it :"D


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Victor Nikiforov (Anime Fanart+Gift)

  • > Shdw16 So did you like it after watching it

  • > x22Amy Ty :3

  • > Shdw16 Thank you! I share some similar opinions about anime in general, I actually prefer sci-fi :3

  • You did a good job drawing viktor!!


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  • > CrazyHorseDragon Np!

  • > Nebula Thank you ^_^


  • > Warriorbeast I watched it! Thank you so much for making it :3


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Kisa Ref Sheet

  • > Divya I had an art block and I need inspiration so... :"D Thank you for the kind words though!

  • Wow! How do you get so amazing ideas?! ( ╹▽╹ )

  • > Shdw16 Thank you so much ^_^

  • So good!!!


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Skystreak Ref Sheet

  • wait a sec is that a wings of fire oc? whatever it is I like it anyway nice work done

  • Thanks :) I'll get to it eventually XD

  • > Shdw16 Thank you! And don't worry so much about stepping out of your comfort zone. You can go quickly or as slowly as you want, because there is always time to try something new. I know you'll get there :D

  • I've been wanting to step out of my comfort zone and draw a dragon but I havent yet.... I'll get to it someday XD


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Foggy Midday Mountains

  • > CrazyHorseDragon You're welcome!!

  • > Divya Arora Thank you ^_^

  • > Shdw16 Thank you so much fren :3

  • beautiful!!!


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May the Force (4th) be with you

  • > Shdw16 Thank you so much! ^_^ I'm really lucky to have your support :D

  • > CrazyHorseDragon You're welcome!! The drawing is amazing too!!

  • > Shdw16 It's fine, don't worry about it Thank you!

  • sorry I'm a day late :/ but may the fourth be with you too!!!


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Art Trade with a friend!

  • > CrazyHorseDragon I think it looks beautiful!

  • > Shdw16 Thank you! Although I think I made the nose a lil too big xD

  • > 💫Cosmo cat💫 Thanks :3

  • Gorgeous!


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  • > SketchMark213 Thanks for the kind words! I appreciate it :3

  • This is great


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Tempest Shadow (from MLP: The Movie)

  • > SketchMark213 Reformed villains are the best :3

  • > Shdw16 yeet I am xD But I will be more active on DA

  • Sqaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah tempest is my favorite to no not really I like starlight glimmer but I still love tempest

  • this is so good!!


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Hunk and Clay

  • Aww!

  • > CrazyHorseDragon Ik...I still talk about it all the time tho XD I get on my sister's nerves about how much I talk about it lmao

  • > Shdw16 Ooooooooooof ok..... :(

  • *talk


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Trying out a new style!

  • Shes still beautiful though :)

  • > SketchMark213 Oh lol it’s fineee Yes autocorrect is very stupid sometimes That’s cool! In that case, you put your inspiration to good use. Can’t wait to see the next wave of next gens!

  • I meant accidentally autocorrect is stupid

  • Gahhhhh I just AVCVideoServices Aaaaaah I just accidentally deleted your comment on mane styles when I went to reply I’m so sorry Also the answer to your question is I get a lot of inspiration from other people and I watch A LOT of speed paints