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25 Fun Facts about me and my art

I know this is no excuse, but I decided that since I've been so unproductive and January is a special month for me, that I'd release some fun facts about me and my works:
1. My favorite color is Purple
2. Despite my name being PurpleMangaka32, I am not a mangaka
3. In real life, my hair is NOT purple, nor do I have purple eyes
4. The first manga I ever read was Bleach
5. I suffer from severe arachnophobia
6. All my artwork/comics are based off of dreams.
7. My superhero comic takes place in California
8. My superhero comic is in the Marvel Universe
9. My Pokémon comic actually started as a series of one shots with various ocs making fun of Ash for constantly losing.
10. My inspirations are Jeff Smith, Stacey Lee, Helen Chan, AVI, and Chili-works
11. The original Bethany from my Pokémon comic was a boy who wore glasses and was quite close to Max from the anime.
12. Victoria is my favorite character to color
13. All my artwork is hand drawn on line paper, there are like 3 alternate versions of each page.
14. I do NOT draw with a tablet, I just use a touchscreen computer
15. My favorite picture so far is Blissful Holidays
16. Cuorri Rossi is based off of Melanie Martinez.
17. Most characters in my superhero comic are based off of people I know in real life.
18. It takes me 3 days to finish pages, I don't do stuff in one go, I usually break it down.
19. In reality, not many people know I can draw and the ones that do, don't really care or want my art
20. I'm addicted to French fries!
21. I have a hard time drawing Males
22. Kristianna is of german, jewish, indian and African descent, she is exceptionally talented at engineering and is great at building things.
23. Amy, my character from Nightmare, is a talented Akido, Judo and Kung fu martial artist.
24. Victoria is Japanese.
25. Charlotte in the unknown pokemon (aka Bethany's mom) was raised on a farm, and was a former elite four member
*Additional fun fact: There are several easter eggs in both series!
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