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No words....

No words just.............

Whores😝 in 👿this 😑house😇 There's 👿some😜 whores😍 in 😋this 🤣house🤩 There's 😚some 🙃whores😳 in 🤗this 🥺house😡 There's🤔 some 😶whores🥱 in 🥵this 😩house🤥 (Hol' 😦up😴) I 😤said 😓certified🥶 freak, 🤡seven 📅days 💀a 😪week😷 Wet-😐ass 🤤pussy, 😺make 😾that 🤯pullout😨 game 😏weak, 🤪woo🧐 (Ah)😝

Yeah, 😚yeah, 🤩yeah😛, yeah😇 Yeah😜, you 😌fuckin' 🍭with 🐟some😎 wet-ass 🌊pussy💦 Bring 😏a 🤗bucket🤯 and ☹️a 😩mop 🙁for🤩 this 🥳wet-ass 😎pussy😘 Give 😀me 🤲everything 💩you💀 got🤢 for 🤧this 🤠wet-ass🚔 pussy🌊

Beat 🤺it 🤸‍♀️up, ⛅️n@!*a, 🥴catch 😯a 🤤charge😮 Extra 😵large 😫and 👅extra 🗣hard😽 Put 👾this 🎃pussy 🤤right😧 in 😮your😵 face😖 Swipe😚 your😬 nose 🧒like a credit🎫 card🍳 Hop 🌤on 🌍top, 😼I 🤒wanna 👽ride👿 I 🥱do 🤗a 🙄kegel 🥵while 😮it's 🥶inside😢 Spit 🤩in 😫my 🤬mouth, 😳look 👁in 👀my 🤑eyes🤕😕 This😯 pussy👿 is 🤩wet, 🌊come☃️ take ✊a 😴dive🏊 Tie 👃me 😷up 👿like😯 I'm🤫 surprised🤤 Let's🤗 roleplay🤧, I'll 🤐wear🤔 a 😦disguise👻 I 🤡want 😍you 😇to 😤park🚔 that 🧑‍🦽big 🥰Mack 🤪🤪truck 🙂right 😀in 😙this 😊little 🤏garage😐 Make🤑 it 😶cream, 🍦make 🧙‍♀️me 😶scream😩 Out😣 in ☹️public, 😨make😧 a 😦scene🥶 I 🤭don't🥱 cook, 🤦‍♂️I 😣don't 🤑clean👩 But 👶let🦻 me 😻tell 😞you😱 how 🥱I got🙄 this 😓ring👑 (😵Ayy, 🥶ayy🥵) 👁👃👁

Gobble 🥵me, 🤬swallow 🍆me, 🙄drip 💦down🌊 the🌬💨 side😥 of 🥵me 😤(🤯Yeah) Quick, 🥺jump 😏out '🤗fore😬 you 😠let😡 it 🥴get😷 inside🤕 of 😸me 😾(😻Yeah) I 👎tell😿👏 him👽 where🤐 to 🤔put 😲it, 🥴never 🤒tell 👹him 😲where🤯 I'm😭 'bout😣 😶to 🤥be 😧(🥺Huh) I'll 🤬run🤗 down 😩😩on 🙄him '🤠fore😈 I 🙀have👩‍🦲 a ☠️ni!*!a 🧑🏿‍🦲runnin😣' me 😭(Pow, 💥pow, ☄️pow🔥) Talk 💫your🙄 shit, 😝bite 😟your😡 lip👄 (Yeah😯) Ask 😳for 🤔a 😴car 😪while🤯 you 🤫ride🤬 that🤤 dick🍆 (While🍒 you🌜 ride 🖖that 🤟dick🍆) You 🔥really 😉ain't🤨 never😜 gotta 🥺fuck 😡him 😨for 🤔a 😪thang😲 (Yeah) He 🤫already 🥶made😠 his 🥳mind 😏up '😞fore😆 he 😉came😊 (Ayy😌, ah👅) Now 🦷get💋 your🤒 boots🥱 and 🤕your😮 coat😔 for😍 this 😝wet-ass 😒pussy😹 (Ah, 👅ah, 😛ah😜) He 😇bought💸 a 💰phone🌸 just🥺 for 🤪pictures 🤩of 😏this 😘wet-ass🥳 pussy🐱 (Click, 💃click, 💅click🥶) Pay 💸my 💰tuition 🤮just🤠 to 🤤kiss 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨me 👬on 🧏‍♂️this👼 wet-ass 💂‍♀️pussy🐱 (Mwah, 😜mwah💥, mwah🧩) Now ⭐️make🦃 it 😁rain 💸if 📱you 💵wanna🤣 see👀 some 😀wet-ass😝 pussy🧐 (Yeah, 😇yeah😍)

Look, 💅I 😂need 😗a 😉hard 😌hitter💥, need🧐 a 😎deep 🪂stroker🤓 Need☺️ a 😋Henny 😔drinker, 😟need☹️ a 😏weed🌿 smoker💨 Not 🌪a 😨garter😼 snake🐍, I 🐛need👒 a 👊king ☺️cobra😡 With 🥶a 🥳hook 😤in 🥺it, 😳hope 😕it 🤭lean 🤐over👀🙄 He 👨‍🦰got👥 some😖 money💰💵, then😏 that's😩 where🤬 I'm 🤩headed🥵 Pussy 😘A1 🛹just 🐮like👩 his👉 credit😚 He 🤨got 😗a 🧐beard👨🏼‍🦲, well😯, I'm 😱tryna 😢wet💦 it☔️ I 🌚let🥀 him😖 taste👅 it, 😉now 😆he 😙diabetic🙄 I 😧don't 🤢wanna 🤤spit, 😭I wanna😐 gulp😰 I 😩wanna 🤪gag, 🤮I 😲wanna 😵choke😫 I 🤨want🥵 you 🥶to 🤬touch🤯 that😔 lil' 😏dangly🥺 thing 😝that 😜swing😅 in 😂the 🥰back 😍of 😘my 😌throat😞 My 😊head 👿game👨‍💼 is 😳fire🔥, punani 😨Dasani🌊 It's 😥goin' 🤡in 🤝dry 🙁and 😡it's 😚comin' 😘out 🥳soggy🥺 I 😕ride 🤬on 🤗that 🥶thing🤗 like😔 the 🥶cops 🖕👮is behind 👆me 🤞(Yeah, 🤐ah👁) I 🥰spit💦 on ⛄️his😍 mic🎱 and 😒now 😫he 😚tryna😄 sign 😀me, 😚woo😻

Your 😑honor🤴, I'm 👶a 👿freak😐 bitch, 👩🐶handcuffs, 🔓leashes🦮 Switch🙌 my 👌wig, 😉make 😙him 🙃feel😏 like😳 he 😐cheatin'🤐 Put🤮 him 🤒on 😧his😈 knees🦿, give 😞him 😚somethin' 👀to 😶believe 🤥in😬 Never 😛lost🤪 a 😅fight, 👯‍♀️but I'm 😙lookin' 👁👁for😋 a 😎beatin' 👩‍🦼(Ah🥵) In 😣the🤩 food 🥺chain, 😞I'm 🥶the 🤒one🤠 that🤑 eat 😪ya👹 If 😣he 😟ate 🥳my 😤ass, 🐃he's 🙁a 😋bottom-feeder👿 Big🤧 D 🍆stand🧍‍♂️ for 👨‍🔧big 🙃demeanor👹 I 👾could😈 make 🤲ya 😹bust😿 before 💦I 🪐ever🤕 meet 😯ya😀 If 🥶it 😟don't 😞hang👃, then😦 he 🤔can't🙄 bang🤤 You 😨can't🥵 hurt🤬 my 😡feelings, 🤕but 🥵I 😃like😘 pain🙄🥵 If 😓he 😮fuck 🤧me 🤑and🤑 ask🥴 "Whose 😐is 😓it?"🤫 When😯 I 🤭ride🚗 the🥶 dick🍆, I'ma😓 spell😲 my 🤤name☎️, ah👖

Yeah, 😷yeah, 🤗yeah😐 Yeah, 😭you😖 fuckin' 🤜with😌 some🤣 wet-ass🤨 pussy🐱 Bring 🐯a 🦷bucket🙃 and😌 a 😕mop 😌for 😎this😑 wet-ass🤮 pussy😈 Give 😴me 😯everything👺 you👹 got 😻for👽 this🤧 wet-ass😬 pussy🤫 Now😀🤫 from 🙂the🤤 top👆, make😗 it 😜drop, 🧐that's 😌some😝 wet-ass 😎pussy🥵 Now 😑get 😀a 😂bucket🙁 and🤭 a 😠mop, 😮that's🥱 some 🙄wet-ass😓 pussy😀 I'm 😠talkin' 😡wap, 🥵wap, 💦wap, 🌊that's 🙂some😝 wet-ass 😙pussy😫 Macaroni 😳in 😕a 🤓pot, 😎that's 😞some😎 wet-ass 😢pussy, 😛huh😀

There's 😘some🤪 whores🤓 in 😔this 😩house🏡 There's💦 some 😒whores😱 in 😧this😱 house🤗 There's🥱 some😮 whores🤥 in this😩 house😲 There's 😣some🥱 whores🦧 in 👨‍🦱this 😼house🙀 There's 😧some 😂whores😇 in 😝this 😅house☺️ There's😍 some😚 whores🤓 in 😏this🤩 house🤬 There's😳 some🤭 whores 😶in 🥵this 😡house🥺 There's😓 some 😪whores 🤕in 😈this😬 house🙄 There's 😻some🤔 whores🤐 in 🙄this🤥 house🥶 There's🤯 some 🤬whores😡 in😨 this 😀house😗

  • > Cringe eeeee

  • > 🐻겨울 🐻🐻🧸🐅🐅🐅🐯

  • > Cringe ok thats better but i prefer bears and tigers

  • > 🐻겨울 Ay dang 😔 🤼💃🕺💃🕺👯💃🕺💃🕺👯


  • > Cringe You know it bro ;))

  • > Drawinghermit Heheh yes :D Now that's what you call entertainment ;)

  • > Cringe Aaaaa I love hot cocoa! Hell yesssss we’ll make sure to hit them in the face with the snowballs that r like half ice :D

  • > Drawinghermit I have a tower we can watch from above and drink some Hot coco :D We can also yeet some snowballs at the kid :D ))



  • > Cringe lol

  • > Drawinghermit Aw sorry about that D: Loll thanks and it wasn't my idea hahah

  • > Twig Loll I'm glad you like it XD

  • > Ciinnanya! OMGGGGGG THA K TOU SO MUCHH😭😭😭😭🤭🤭🤭🥺🥺🥺🥺


When you're forced to sleep early because of school 😔
Finally having my first day of school tomorrow. All this talk about school is already making me get drained out😭😭😭 the only thing I'm excited for is seeing my friends.... that's all-

  • > Hidden_SecretKeeper Uh ok👁️👄👁️

  • > Cringe Dhwwugwvwbhau Ya know what, it takes too many brain cells to try to explain

  • > Drawinghermit I shall try🤧

  • > Hidden_SecretKeeper I called you "Blondie" not Karen 🤨

I shall take again>:)

I have a feeling I'll fail at the replying Rule🕴️

  • I'm ashamed to say this to the turkey lord....... I look forward to eating turkey every Thanksgiving day I'm sorry, I hope this doesn't change the way you feel about me TwT I hope we're still friends

  • I'm a pillow princess and I'm just too stubborn to admit it- so ha. You still can't reply to tease meh uwu also- Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run ar-

  • I eat t ur k e I’m joking I prefer chicken :’]]

  • turkey. mmm